Star Wars Battlefront 2 – New Theed (2017) vs Old Theed (2004) Gameplay!


We’re taking a look at new Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) gameplay comparing the new Naboo Theed from 2017 to the original Battlefront Theed from 2004. Be sure to stay tuned for more Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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  1. Battlefront 2 pandemic still shits on both of EAs trash games . Seriously if you just made their graphics like 2017 there's nothing EA could produce that'd be better than the originals .

  2. I hate the battle points system and other people can't get in viacles with you and the laat is in rails original is better because it has more content

  3. How is it gameplaywise im asking veterans i played every single swbf game imhu the old bf 2 was the best how does the new one inconparison to the old bf2

  4. i cant even run minecraft on ultra performance mods which is basically ultra low just blocks and colors no special detail :/

  5. Other then graphics the original wins hands down. Just for the fact that I can spawn in a hanger jump in a tie and land in the enemy hanger and fight my way to their reactor in space battles………that was epitome of wide open assault then transition to close quarters fighting. Why the fuck would would you remove that feature along with others that made the game literally the best.

  6. Man why can't we fly into galactic ships drop out squad take out the engine from the inside and then fly out with a 20 seconds counter untill explosion. Ow wait we can in the old one.. but it in the new one >…..<

  7. The new Star Wars BF takes itself too seriously. The old one had weird weapons, and you mowed down bots, and the health was fairly large so you got into Halo-esque stand-offs where you shuffle around and shoot each other.

  8. So how is Battlefront 2 (2004) better than (2017)? Clearly, the new (2017) is a lot better: graphics, movements, sounds, etc. I don't understand those who bitch oh the BF2(2004) is better.

  9. I don't know what would happen to my childhood mind if I traveled back in time and showed myself this. I'd probably have a heart attack xD

  10. 2004 battlefront hase the sounds mixed up so the clone blaster sounds like a atst blaster and the 2017 sounds are moer corect

  11. Based off of the beta dice nailed it on this one. Their first attempt i thought was awful but battlefront 2 is amazing. Im very happy i can enjoy a battlefront again. Haven't been able to have this feeling since 2005.

  12. Where are the bases? Free vehicle spawns points? Turrets? Maybe some destructible environments? I feel like this should be called Star Wars Call of Duty. Not that I don't like those games, but this is nothing like the originals. Seems like your spawn point is random, no defensible turrets, can't use vehicles unless you get x amount of points (care package) no strategic battlefield tactics. Just kill as many of them as you can and you might win.

  13. Graphics have improved in ea battlefront 2 but the original battlefront 2 would still be better if it had upgraded graphics especially for theed


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