Star Wars: Battlefront II Heroes Vs. Villains ( The Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil!)


The ultimate battle between good and evil, teams of 16 Heroes and Villains will fight on the desert planet of Tatooine over the important space port of Mos Eisley. Who will win this epic battle? Watch to find out….

This game is a recording of Assault mode on the map Mos Eisley. This is the only map in the original game release that allows for Heroes to fight Villains on a normal map. The game devs. later had DLC to allow the gamemode to work on other maps, sadly it was only done on Xbox.


  1. Dude no one likes this game now people like the new battlefront and people also are excited for battlefront 2 no one likes this anymore

  2. When i try and remember playing games from ps2, i swear the graphics were so realistic. Its crazy how bad they are when u actually see them compared to how u remember them lol.


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