Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 2 – James & Mike Mondays


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This week James Rolfe and Mike Matei continue Playing Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64!

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  1. Bazookas in Star Wars exists. Boba Fett used an ion bazooka on an IG-88 droid in Cloud City. And proton bazookas was a pretty common weapon in the Clone Wars cartoon.

  2. Yeeesssss James. Let the hate flow through you. Come to the dark side and let the AVGN persona permanently overtake you… Become who you were born to be, Nerd Vader!

  3. Sometimes it's a treat watching Mike and James blow at 3.D. games. I get that they were late teens when the N64 came out and the jump to 3.D. is different, but I still enjoy the fails. I love how great they are at 2.D. games though and 2.D. games are my favourites anyway. I remember getting an N64 with Super Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire. As a kid I could never get past Boba Fett. I eventually beat the game as a teenager, though I am disappointed in my child self as I beat many 2.D. games. I started with NES and SNES in the mid 90s as my parents were gamers and owned an NES and SNES when I was born. The OG Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World were the games that started my gaming obsession. I think Mike should show James Dark Souls as I reckon James would love it and while it is a hard game, those with patience will succeed.

  4. I like how even though James and Mike Mondays is decidedly a departure from the whole AVGN act… it's still basically AVGN… except "Now are there are two of them!"

  5. Mike: Sure, you play these levels and you give me the ship level

    James dies a bunch to IG-88, having to restart at the beginning of the level

    James: tosses controller to Mike Here, have fun.


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