Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 3 – James & Mike Mondays


Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – Nintendo 64 – Part 3 – James & Mike Mondays
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This week James Rolfe and Mike Matei continue Playing Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64!

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  1. So they're pod racing on Tatooine before the Phantom Menace? I wonder if this was the result of George Lucas co-writing the story, as I've heard.

  2. Amazing segment and video. I love watching these.. But.. This game really isnt that tough lol. I was surprised to see you guys having such difficulty with it, but maybe because you guys didnt get far in the game as a kid? – You guys rush everything it seems and thats where the problems seem to come from.

    Also, you guys should invest in a Hori N64 gamepad. Its the best N64 controller by far.. With all the expensive obscure stuff you have, why not get that controller and dump the original N64 controller?

    Anyways, keep it up 😀

  3. The speeder bikes was such bullshit, no clue where you're to go and go have to take out the other bikes or else they'd automagically catch up and you couldn't get ahead

  4. I'm cracking up because on the easy difficulty theyre playing at they should be able to just stand still and wail on Slave 1 and have enough lives to destroy it without the suspense.

  5. Man, I loved this racing stage as a kid, I tried it on an emulator recently and it was hard, I think as a kid it was a trial and error memory game I just ended up memorizing completely after enough replays 😐

  6. the speeder bike stage reminds me of that mission in jedi academy even that sucked soo bad but it isnt as bad as in this

  7. This is weird kind of nostalgia cause I must have been 6 or 7 when I rented this game. As soon as I started watching these I had a vague memory of the level in the start of this video. Watching this is almost like remembering a hazy dream lol.

  8. Wow.. You made the battle with Boba and Slave one like something super hard to deal with… Really? So many lives lost?

  9. mike and james are great with platformers but any 3D game and they suck. I beat this game when I was 6! Ah you think 3D games is your ally? You merely adopted the polygons. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the sprites until I was already a man!

  10. This game should be remade with updated physics and controls. I never considered it to be a great Star Wars game. The 16 bit and the newer ones are pretty good.

  11. "How can they not have an arrow or compass?!?"
    Well in real Star Wars life you wouldn't have an arrow or compass…..For fuck's sake this game wasn't hard….It's ninety percent linear.

  12. Oh silly James. You could have saved yourself a lot of grief against Slave I by jumping through the gaps at the corner of the arena and catching your breath on the ground outside. Slave I couldn't follow you, so all you have to do is use the jetpack to fly back up and do hit-and-run attacks by shooting at Slave I from between the gaps. Run to the next gap, rinse, repeat.

  13. I feel so old… I can't believe I remember all the tricks for boba fet. There is some secret stuff all the way down, and you just had to run in circles jumping up and down the scaffolds. Jump to next scaffold turn center shoot… run to next, repeat.

  14. if i remember right, wasn't there a way/glitch that you could jetpack up onto the head of the AT-ST and just shoot down?

  15. and wasn't there a kinda sideswipe/ram function for the speeder? or maybe the key was to always try make the other dude crash into a wall or something… i can't remember, it's been ages since i played

  16. Actually, there IS a 'magic spot' where Slave One can't hit you . . . If you just stand right on the curb (on the floor level) he will come right up to you but he's so close that the two guns shoot around you and you just have to aim up at him and blast away.


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