Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 4 – James & Mike Mondays


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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – Nintendo 64 – Part 4 – James & Mike Mondays

This week James Rolfe and Mike Matei continue Playing Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64!

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  1. Disney should make an anthology flick of this story… Michael Biehn should play Dash Rendar, get Sebastian Stan to be Luke, and that Alden Einreich dude from Solo Star Wars story to be Han, and maybe Jennifer Lawrence to be Leia that would be dope… Kevin Spacey could have been Xizor before his scandals.

  2. They are called Kaibur crystals a magnet and blade shield keep the saber at bay. Sorry Mike but when something the size of a planet or moon blows up all the energy in the planet is instantly released and the "nova blast" as you call it will happen.

  3. @Mike The "nova blast" you speak of is similar to why a rainbow always arcs in the sky. The "nova blast" was a discovery in reality not something made up well not completely. From what we know scientifically about outer space explosions like supernova. We have concluded that if you could be close enough you would see an optical illusion created from a sphere shaped shockwave moving through space outward from the epicenter. Science predicts that this shockwave would affect light traveling through it and would appear to follow a certain angle based on the perspective of the viewer. Now here is where Hollywood starts guessing. Hollywood's version of this phenomenon is this new "nova blast" effect and they assumed its horizontal nature.

  4. It's hilarious how much they struggle with any game made past the early to mid 1990s. Or even just using a controller with more than just an A and B button.

  5. "The game's not THAT shitty" It's not shitty at all!! You guys are really just that bad. I played this as a young teenager and got all challenge points on every difficulty. Not enough weapons? You haven't looked for or found any that are there!

  6. Why in every Star Wars game I played there is a Sewer Stage!!! Dark Forces, Dark Forces II-Jedi Knight, etc…….

  7. Maybe if you guys read the text that appears on the screen it wouldn't have taken you 4 hours to figure out you're supposed to ELIMINATE the Swoop Gang, not race them.


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