Step Up Your Yard’s Game with These Concrete NES Stepping Stones


The Nintendo Entertainment System is rarely used anymore to play the actual NES games. Instead, people are modifying them into stepping stones!


Nintendo entertainment system was released in the 80’s, which not only modernized but revolutionized the digital gaming industry. Games like Super Mario Bros and Legends Of Zelda are those famous games that were rocking the video game market and taking everyone by a storm and was rightly the best selling gaming console of its time revitalizing the concept of gaming and setting its place in the hearts of young gamers.


Not only is Nintendo immortalized but actually is the standard for consoles. And yes, the console is decades old now, but a new announcement was made then which made the consoles diehard fans even more exciting is the revelation by a certain instructable user Fungus amungus who has actually revealed a new way to immortalize the legendary console by molding the Nintendo into a cemented box and then use the cemented box as stepping stones: talk about coming in handy, the Nintendo is still serving up a purpose!

  • So, he started with tearing apart his console and preserving the top part of the console and then he prepped the console by making it as water as possible so the mold wouldn’t expose the cracks and then by the help of tape and a glue gun covered the vents and all the holes of the case. 
  • Next, he topped the case with his homemade mold and to do that he carefully took all the layers apart and let the mold seep in through the opening. 
  • Finally, he prepared his own cement mix and dropped it into the mold. He waited almost 4 hours before taking them out and then 24 hours to let them completely dry. He went over them with a razor blade to sharpen and chisel the look.

Now that is one cool funky classic decor for your yard and can add that extra blaze to the already upped living standard as it’s a landmark innovation of one of the most famous gaming consoles of all time and can save lots of expenses to spend on actual stepping stones just comes to show how creativity can help you outgrow restrictions and dependence on the outlets that market expensive materials.

I, for one, would be very proud if I ever did something like that because it’s actually pretty impressive and holds up in durability as building the shape or the form your slab requires skilled manpower and endurance making it not only décor but a well-made stepping stone.


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