Stupidly EXPENSIVE & Rare PlayStation 1 (PS1) Games – COMPLETE!


Radical Reggie shows us the most rare and expensive games for the PS1. Reggie owns an impressive collection of North American and Import Playstation 1 games.


Games Shown:
Suikoden II
Tales of Destiny I & II
Tail Concerto
R-Type Delta
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Psychic Detective
Starblade Alpha
Harmful Park
Gaia Seed: Project Seed Trap
The Adventure of Little Ralph


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  1. Both of you I like this vid, whos room were you in on making this. Also the time and money for this room has as many games as a store. I remember two of these games and did own one. Japan games in the U.S. is way $$ on reason I did not buy Suikoden 2 and still can at one store in town I survive in. Brigandine I own back in time but traded soon after buying for some other game. My PS1 games I have kept are not many but ones I can enjoy playing over and over and not on this list as I am sure there are many more. As I guess most do look at the front and back reading of the box to judge a game to play and most I seen did not appeal to me. Still, what about these games list in stores as rare and expensive: As a post by GreenDrank82 "The Legend of Dragoon"($70) is a very good rpg with pretty good graphics for today and surprise not a 2nd made; "Grandia"($80) is another rpg I have play over couple times and 2 more made for PS2 that I have; "Star Ocean The 2nd Story"($70) seems was a 1st story I have not seen but I do have the PS2 all I enjoyed; "Wild Arms 2"($65), guess there should be a 1 but again not seen, Wild Arms 3 PS2 I have but do not like and not worth much either; "SimCity 2000" I have listed for price bought and it is not good for to much graphic, not good, for the memory of PS1-2 consoles; these 2 games "NBA Live 99 & 2000" I kept for it shows dancers and cheerleaders that I feel is part of the league for the work put in for enjoyment as the game; this is my most fun game that fast to play and that I have found only one make in any PS/XBox game system "Railroad Tycoon II" this game is rare but not in price and in 3 stores in town as I have only seen one and got it but also graphics not great as too much for console system. All these games I paid at time I found them new about $29.95 to $40.

  2. On my post of games rare the prices I am sure in stores are pre-own. I looked at your price MetalJesusRocks no way I could buy the pricy ones not wanting to play them. I buy to play but wish I had had bought 2 or 3 back for sale now. I saw some I once own but don't know what happen to them: Soul Blade, FF VII, Warcraft II (traded didn't like), Chrono Cross. Course I played them so would not be new package. I did not start buying PS1 till around 1999 when I bought a console and some games from a fellow worker. I had the other consoles like Gensis and such.

  3. Pyrrhic detective was released in a cd case in the uk because i used to own it, plus i completed the game when i was kid…lol its one strange game to say the least….lol

  4. Oh no. I took a break from finishing my PS1 RPG collection. Those Tales of Destiny Prices are crazy now! The first one was about $40-50 a few years back…

  5. Brigandine is worth a playthrough if you're into that genre of games. It's excellent, just takes a little time getting used to and learning. After that, you can get hours and hours of playtime with it customizing your armies, and trying new classes/class combinations with knights. I still own my copy and have no plans to ever part with it.

  6. Ok guys i have a question for you all ps1 1on1 fighting game contained a space ranger type character whos special moves sounded like he was shouting lime green only ever played the demo dont know then name also regie please try shaolin on ps1 utterly fantastoc oh and rival schools


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