Super Mario 64 retrospective: Mario gets thicc | N64 Works Episode 001, Pt. 1


With Super Mario Odyssey just around the corner, now seems a perfect time to look back to Mario’s first 3D adventure: Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. This, the first part of a multiple-entry retrospective, explores the game’s relationship to the platform and the lengths to which it goes to make the intricacies of navigating three-dimensional space intuitive for all players.


  1. Nice Video. Are you going to update the Retronauts Video Chronicles Podcast with all of the "works" videos you've released since Final Fight?

  2. Such a quality video as always Jeremy. One thing I'd like to mention, I'm surprised at how you brought many of the inspirations that brought Mario 64 together as a game but skipped over Donkey Kong ('94 on the GameBoy). Both the missions, 7 stage structure, red coins and the hint names for chapters came from Yoshi's Island as you mention; but half of Mario's acrobatic moveset was first used and explored in DK94 for GB. Sideflips and Backflips (or well…inertia induced moves for higher skilled players and the easy alternative for more precision and control) were started there. The way the Triple jump works is very reminiscent of the triple flips in DK94 as well. The developers for it? Shigeru Miyamoto's own team. There are moves that come from this game that are still being re-used in the latter 3D Mario games such as the spinning on wires. This is without a doubt the origin of "Acrobatic Mario" as we know him and the game is so overlooked that most people don't even remember it. A "launch" title for the Super Gameboy as well. It'd be an interesting revisit some day to add something extra as well. The same people who developed the game went on to develop both Yoshi's Island and Mario 64 in quick succession, reason for which the evolution of many things culminated on 64 (part of the reason it's so good).

  3. Does anybody remember when Super Mario 64 was looked at as the more iconic game then Ocarina Of Time was but, then Zelda out did Mario through the rest of the games generation sense? It makes you wonder if Odyssey is goin to recreate that moment again where Mario Odyssey actually beats Breath Of The Wild and shock the world cause everyone believes a hundred percent that Breath Of The Wild is going to win Oscars game of the year.

  4. As much as I love Mario 64, you can't forget Virtua Racer, Virtua Fighter, Alone in the Dark, Tekken, Soul Calibur, et. al beat it to the punch

  5. Not even Super Mario Odessy can't beat the freshness of Mario 64. Kids born circa -1995 to 2017 will NEVER experience the amazement of playing Mario 64 coming from 2D only NES and SNES games.

  6. Oh my gosh. I loved this game but so darn confusing. Especially given the age I was playing it at back then. Your video explains and helped me understand why I was so confused back then lol.


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