Super Smash Bros 64 Grand Final CT Isai vs Moyashi – Apex 2014 Tourmament


Super Smash Bros 64 Grand Final CT Isai vs Moyashi – Apex 2014 Tourmament


  1. honestly jiggly vs kirby is lame. All those jumps and all it takes is neutral and back airs along with drill kicks to win matches. Good techniques, but far better matchups in 64. Kirby vs DK is fun as hell along with jiggly vs link. Ive played 64 smash as an adult for about 300-400 hours, Ive seen way more exiting fights. The techniques are excellent, but the stale moveset is not

  2. In my college campus we Computer Science students have our own little room where you can play super smash bros for 64 and wii 24/7. It's so cool to see people still playing that game and having bunchs of fun.

  3. I've been playing this game since I was six and I've always wanted to do some tournament play but just seeing how they… play is just greatly underwhelming. I just thought there would be more fighting then just jumping and avoiding constantly but hey what do I know, I've only played more then 10,000 matches but that was only against AI so idk. Go them for how they play

  4. creo q yo juego mejor q esos 2 pero igual me encantaría enfrentar a alguien como ellos no juego con nadie que me dé batalla y ellos si me darían o asta me ganarían debes en cuando

  5. So why does this game seem to inflict more 'oomf' to the damge? people being destroyed with 70%?? in the new smash ppl can have 180% and still not fly off the screen.

  6. why are they not doing anything most of it? they were mostly running from each other.. whenever I'd play with others it ends in like 2 minutes

  7. Honestly… Isai could win anything he wanted to because he is that good honestly lol. He just enjoys playing with every character and everyone! I respect that so much


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