Superman 64 (Nintendo 64) Full Playthrough


Full Playthrough of Superman 64 for N64 by Mike Matei. Watch Mike’s Live Streams ✜
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This playthrough was recorded on a real N64 WITHOUT the use of glitching or codes. This video was edited down to the parts where I completed the levels. If you’d like to see the entire unedited series of live streams use the following links.

Superman 64 Part 1
Superman 64 Part 2
Superman 64 Part 3
Superman 64 Part 4
Superman 64 Part 5
Superman 64 Part 6
Superman 64 Part 7
Superman 64 Part 8
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  1. Mike, it might be a good idea to see how someone else beats the game, (if it is available), so that you will know what to do when you play through.

  2. Just so you guys know, the Nintendo seal does not mean quality. It only means Nintendo is making money from the sale of the game. They could not care less if you like the game as long as you do not ask for a refund.

  3. I watched the whole video(Not in one sitting. That would be end of my life XD) I'm must be a masochistic.
    For me this was "much" enjoyable than Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hide

  4. I give you props Mike. After watching this, I picked up the game for $1.00 just to see for myself. How you were able to sit and complete this entire game is amazing!!!! I could only stomach about 3 of the ring levels before giving up on it. Never even made it to a proper "action" level. Indeed the worst game I have ever played.

  5. My girlfriend just left me and im watching the full 4 hours of this awful game.that just goes to show you the state of mind im in right now…

  6. This game has a pattern, fly through rings, perform an objective, fly through rings, perform an objective, and on, and on, and on.

  7. As a child, I played this game some and watched Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. I recalled thinking that a snippet of the film's OST (In one scene when Superman is fighting Solar Man) might have been in the game, when I was flying around.

  8. i remember when i was like 9. back when avgn played this back in the early youtube days. and i sent him a message saying something like "i know how you feel. i couldn't get passed the second stage. i'm sorry you had to play this" but with very bad grammar lol good times.

  9. this game had some real potential too (graphics wise, n just how the map itself looks) but they def killed it with making it a whole "ring based" game. radar, open world flying, n then fly to your objectives etc. n this game would have been solid. the 2 things i don't get, why is there even a life bar (when this game, for the most part, is just going threw rings lol) and why is there even some combat options? it's like if they just focused on those kind of things, took out the rings, added a radar, let it be open world flying kind of thing, this game would have def had a lot of potential.

  10. This game is better than minecraft i dont know why people play it its so dumb. Anyone who hates on me for saying this is just in denial and i will never check thit again so it doesnt matter


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