Taking Apart The Dreamcast VMU – Tech Wave!


The VMU or Visual Memory Unit, was one of the most unique parts about the Sega Dreamcast. While SEGA continued to try to innovate ,around what would end up being their last home console, the VMU remained a reminder that even the most creative systems don’t always succeed.

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  1. Those rubber strips are called "zebra strips", and are very common in watches and many other cheap LCD devices. It helped keep VMU costs low. It was more like a watch than a Gameboy. Also, you put it together the correct way. You mount the LCD into the front case, and then the screws (and sometimes plastic nubs) align the PC board to the LCD.

  2. My Dreamcast memories… Skies of Arcadia… My how I loved that game! It always made me sade, that besides a port with a little extra content tacked on, and poorer quality audio, for the GameCube, Skies of Arcadia never got the prequel it set enough lore to get, or the sequel it deserved. I miss you, Skies of Arcadia… I hope you get some Sega love… ;_;7

  3. Do you remember the Sony Pocketstation? I think the VMU came first, but the Pocketstation kinda of did the same things.

  4. hay spawn wave i was wondering if by any chance your Nintendo switch has any problems with the charge indicator??? for example lets say if you were to charge to 100 percent and than turn it off right after and than the next day turn it on to play it and see that its dropped to like 87 percent from 100 percent . i was wondering what you think it can be attributed to? . could it be a software or hardware problem?
    i would love to hear your thoughts on this if possible.

  5. Potato chip!! Epic troll damn >< had me imagining some crazy potato chip memory card configurations…

  6. Geez, the graphics on the computer screen in the video STILL looks good enough. Dreamcast really was ahead of it's time.

  7. I got a dreamcast a few months ago and ordered a pair of VMUs on ebay, they were both brand new in sealed boxes. Not sure why but there are apparently plenty of brand new VMUs out there. I don't even think it was over 15 bucks for the pair of them.

  8. This is kinda like a Retro Wave and Tech Wave together. Maybe Evan can do the retro bit and Jon can do the tech bit on the one show?

  9. POTATO. Now i love the Dreamcast even more!
    This was the best Console ever. But i think it came just in the wrong time.
    Too early for DVD, a little too late for the bulky Design and Modems were also on the way out i think. The speed tech accelerated in the time period was amazing, truly a bad time to put up a console ment for several years to exist. Sony killed it with just the DVD Support.
    I loved Soul Calibur, MSR, and Shen Mue. Heck, i still do!

  10. You know Sega was planning on doing a MP3 version of the VMU, so that would could have and play MP3s on the go. Well before Apple's iPod came to the market. Had Dreamcast had this AND DVD support sooner. The sky would have been the limit for Sega and the Dreamcast… QQ

  11. Thanks so much for your Tech Wave tear downs, they're really cool looks inside common (and not so common) hardware that some us never get a chance to check out!


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