Teddy Does Sega Saturn!


The Sega system that ruined the company!

Find the Saturn Unlocker here:

Intro animation –


  1. What if Apple aquired Sega and bring out a new console, then the commercials will mock Microsoft's X-Box and the slogan goes you can't do this on the bleep box on TV as you hear that beep instead of Nintendon't referring to Microsoft's game console as the ShitBox instead of the X-Box as it says you can't do this on the ShitBox as why it says beep box on TV, because Apple owns Sega.

    Would you buy a new Sega console when Sega is owned by Apple?

  2. They made so many bad decisions with the Saturn.
    I know you didn't get into the hardware complexity itself, but that was a huge reason it didn't do so hot.
    Many developers just found the PSX much easier to design games for. Saturn is a masterful system for 2D gaming, especially if you slap a ram cart into it. When you stacked the two systems' 3D games against each other, the Saturn looked a lot less refined.

  3. i remember reading about how during the first E3, Sega decided to scrap their originally planned Saturnday release and release the system that very minute to get a jumpstart on the competition.

    unfortunately for Sega, 3rd party developers were originally dependent on having their games to be out on the original date. as a result, the launch title library was extremely small.

    also, many retailers like Walmart and KayBeeToys were left completely out of the loop, so they intentionally moved all Sega products at the very back of the store where not many would see it.

    when the PS1 came out, it erased Sega's 3-4 month lead upon launch day

  4. Maybe the Saturn would have sold well in the US, if the commercial didn't have what looks like Klans men in the theater. LOL

  5. oh teddy you play crash bandicoot speaking of crash there is going to be crash bandicoot n sane trilogy which is a remaster of all 3 original crash games.

  6. That cartridge port on the Sega Saturn was originally meant for save cartridges. The Sega Saturn does have internal batter back-up saving for games, but it is a very small amount of memory. The system didn't have memory cards like the Playstation or N64, it used save carts.

    The RAM expansion cartridges came much later, and sadly were only available in Japan. There was a 1MB expansion cartridge as well as a 4MB expansion cartridge. There is about 30 or 40 games that use either or sometimes both of these cartridges.Here is a list:


    The extra RAM increase was really beneficial for arcade home ports because of all the additional 2D artwork the Saturn could hold in memory without having to load frequently from the disc. The Saturn has so many awesome arcade ports that use these memory expansion cartridges.

    The Saturn was a weaker system when it came to 3D graphics in comparison to the PlayStation 1, but it was generally much better at 2D games. Which was one of the reason's why it didn't quite take off, everyone wanted 3D in the mid to late '90s.

  7. The surprise early launch of the Saturn also hurt Sega since the third party developers were caught off guard and didn't have their releases completed. Also Sega had to rush their games so they were a bit rough around the edges.

  8. If you guys want to see some perverted Sega Saturn shit, check out my channel. I play Yakyuken Special and get the ladies in birthday suits playing paper rock scissors… SEGA!

  9. great video teddy and glad to see you are retrogaming backups are collaborating honestly looks like an amazing store and now i am curious to check them out!?

  10. saturn began the downfall and dreamcast just crushed any sign of hope for the company. they innovated in so many ways with built in modems for online play and performance but made bad decisions with game developers and had bad timing with release dates.

  11. The History of Sega sounds good man, i remember some of those shitty ads back in the day. My neighbor had a Saturn and i ended up with a playstation but i liked playin the saturn he had house of the dead on it….

  12. The unlocker seems interesting

    Is the unlocker pretty reliable? Iยดm worried about things like disc switching (for stuff like PDS) not working.

    I hope the site gets some more games up there too. Super Tempo would be a cool one to have ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. bro. ps.wasnt.100.less
    .u had.ro.buy a card. to save
    Sega had.buitl In mem
    plus pack in games. false advertising the plebs fell for. Saturn > ps1.

  14. Good video man, although I also think that the 32X affected Saturn's sales as well. It was released too close to Saturn's release date, it received almost no support and it affected the trust people had in the brand.


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