Teddy’s SEGA Collection


Teddy’s collection of SEGA systems and games!

Intro animation –


  1. Game gear please and thank surf ninja if you don't mind a requests or that one that's a spin off of eternal champions if you have it .

  2. I sent you that copy of Sonic R.

    Those long box Sega CD and Sega Saturn cases really suck hard. They are so brittle and hard to find. They break if you sneeze at them. I don't think anyone makes replica boxes to replace them. I find that the only way to get them is to purchase some of the less popular Sega CD or Saturn games for cheap. But usually it is just not worth it.

    The original Spider-Man Web of Fire for the 32X is super rare and expensive, by the way. It was produced in such low quantities. It was the last 32X game manufactured.

  3. hey Teddy a handful of hackers of actually ported certain Game Gear games over to Master System, making them able to be loaded on a Sega Genesis everdrive

  4. Hey teddy I want to send you a Sega Saturn game with case and box art complete, called Battle Monsters it's made by Acclaim!

  5. Teddy, another awesome video – you ROCK! The Saturn is probably my favorite system to collect for. I suggest you get more Saturn games. Saturn has a lot of awkward Hentai games and humorous puzzle games that don't get reviewed. I did a couple playthoughs of Yakyuken Special on my channel.

    A lot of Gamegear games are just clones of Sega Master System games, very similar in comparison.

    Teddy, KEEP IT REAL!

  6. those saturn boxes break so easy. In fact, i bought a couple of games that when i opened them they were already broken.

  7. Sega Saturn for sure I love the backup unlocker I play back up of panzer dragoon rpg thanks for the video teddy

  8. If you get an Original Model 1 Master system, you can play the SG-1000 games on it, with the model 2 you cannot. The only bad thing is trying to find a model 1 Master system is hard as balls anymore without shelling out $80 for it. The best thing you can do since you have a Genesis is get the Sega Master Adapter, which turns any Sega Genesis Model 1 [do not know about the model 2] to the first system to play multiple systems on a single platform you can play [Sega Card, SG-1000, Sega Master System, and Genesis all in one without the cord hell that is required with the Sega CD, Sega 32X and if it was more widely known the 32XCD adapter which should have been its own system, as a matter of fact it was [Neptune] it would fit between the Genesis and the Saturn. In essence it would have been a 32XCD system that could play both the cartridges and the CD. It would have looked like the Saturn except with the extra slot to the side to play the 32X cartridges and for an additional $60 you could get what they called the Master Genesis adapter which would allow to play [Genesis, Master System, SG-1000, and the Sega Card games] in the 32X cartridge slot with no extra wires. However for the system costing $450 at the time would have been hard to get for the average consumer.


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