The 11 Best Dreamcast Exclusives (And I Mean Actual Exclusives)



Here’s a list of the 11 best actual, true Dreamcast exclusives. As of January 2018, none of these games had released on another format – including arcade – and they’re all still good fun to play.

I’ll do a list of the best arcade conversions soon, hopefully.

I used this list as a jumping off point for research – it’s handy:

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  1. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 should be joint number 1… no it didn’t cone out on other systems it was ported and changed and those HD/GameCube revisions are utter shite, the Dreamcast version is amazing, looks and plays like a completely different experience and therefor is only on Dreamcast. If you have only ever played the DX version of Adventure or the Battle version ofAdventure 2, then you played a really shitty remake. Play the original on DC and see just how good it actually was!

  2. well, even if a game like "Tech Romancer" came out in the arcadehalls as well, it is still an exclusive for the homeconsole/homesystem- market. You can't get that game for sells elsewhere except for the Dreamcast, plus the Dreamcast-Version is very enhanced. Arcade Games are playing in a league of their own and should't be used as an excuse to say "oh that game came out for arcade and dreamcast, therefor its not an exclusive".

    But if you really wanna x-out the arcadeversions so bad, here are some DC-Games that are exclusive without any arcade-counterparts:

    1. Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm
    2. Record Of Lodoss War
    3. Blue Stinger
    4. Carrier
    5. Soul Fighter
    6. Maken X (No, the PS2-Version is just a Remake of this game and doesn't have the original content)
    7.Gundam Side Story 0079
    8. Red Dog
    9. Battle Beaster
    10. Floigan Bros.
    11. D2
    12. Sword Of The Berserk: Guts Rage
    13. Illbleed
    14. D+Vine [Luv]
    15. Frame Gride
    16. Godzilla Generations
    17. Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact
    18. Max Steel
    19. Air Force Delta
    20. Iron Aces
    21. Ooga Booga
    22. Macross M3
    23. Nanatsu No Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou (Seven Mansions: The Uncanny Grimace)
    24. Rainbow Cotton
    25. Rent-A-Hero No.1
    26. Sengoku Turb
    27. Sengoku Turb Fanfan
    28. SGGG (Segagaga)
    29. Sorcerian
    30. Super Magnetic Neo
    31. The Lost Golem
    32. Treasue Strike
    33. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
    34. POD: Speedzone
    35. Toy Racer
    36. Zusar Vasar
    37. Rune Jade
    38. Buggy Heat
    39. Daytona USA 2001
    40. Pen Pen Trilcelon

  3. I’ve got shenmue for Xbox to play on my 360 but I’m to lazy to play it lol bought it years ago. Also owned it when I had a dc.

  4. Shenmu 1 and 2 hd coming this year.. but tbh I’m kinda disappointed with it honestly just looks like the Dreamcast and Xbox Rom with a resolution bumb haha

  5. I managed to get hold of the unreleased PC port of 4 Wheel Thunder. It was originally going to be a sequel to [email protected] Race Pro (called [email protected] Race Rally) but it evolved a couple of times and ended up as a Dreamcast exclusive! Well, apart from the PC port. POD Speedzone aka POD 2 would be more unique. Of course Shenmue is now being remastered…

  6. No Red Dog: Superior Firepower? That game was a lot of fun. Highly recommended. I'm sure you know by now, but Shenmue is now getting a re-release with the AGES collection, so that's cool.

  7. And just a couple months later, Sega turns you into a liar by announcing modern-day ports of Shenmue 1 & 2…

    (Apparently with the original acting still intact.)


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