The 3rd Party Franchise Nintendo Will ABSOLUTELY BUY!


Nintendo fans always debate about what franchises or companies Nintendo should buy and while many aren’t feasible, there is ONE franchise I feel Nintendo will absolutely buy SOON!
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  1. golden sun? haven't heard of it, I want to see Red Steel and Madworld on Switch though. Would like Fatal Frame too, but we'll see. I can see Nintendo buying bayonetta too

  2. Buy some Konami ips's (not the whole company as in japan konami isnt games only but also fitness and pachinko ) and maybe work together with capcom on some of there ips.

  3. O. J bro you looking fitter these days, keep it up! But if Nintendo were to buy Sega, would they not also on Bayonneta? Good point on then buying I.P exclusivity than whole companies.

  4. I'd love for Nintendo to aquire the rights to Mega Man. Get it into the hands of someone that can take care of MM. Espiacially MM Legends 3. Yeah, Soma Bringer. And what of Hal Laboratories? Is that not a Nintendo 2nd party?

  5. Nintendo need to make their own new IP's. They need to stop being creatively constipated.

    Sega have always been the anti-thesis of Nintendo. Nintendo buying them would destroy everything Sega ever stood for – Yakuza would be censored to ruin, for a start.

    Thank goodness this video is hypothetical and it will never happen.

  6. True story OJ, Skyrim to me is an old port, because I don't want it. Modded on PC is, for me, the best way to play Skyrim. A port can seem old if we don't know it's being made before the game launches; we'll likely buy it for the console it launched on (if we own the console) as if it's an exclusive. Oh, I've already played that, it's old.
    What's crazy to me is what people consider Retro Gaming. It seems retro gaming has a ton of definitions and mostly seems to be any games people grew up with, so for me it's NES/SNES, but for the newer generation that grew up with PS2, that to them is considered Retro. Some define Retro as two console generations ago.

  7. They can keep bayonetta. She would get no burn on ps4 especially with god of war being there and maybe devil may cry 5, now xbox could have definitely used a game like god of war or bayonetta.

  8. Never saw the appeal of bayonetta I've been a god of war man since I was 13 plus the story in bayonetta look nowere near the level of god of war.

  9. Nintendo "buy EA" 😂

    No Nintendo dont buy EA. But what if Microsoft buy EA? What Will happen? I think Nintendo need to shop now soon and ubisoft is a good Company fore Nintendo?

  10. Sigh, I always mention this to OJ during his livestreams. That Nintendo should use their money rotting at the bank for purchasing smaller studios. OJ in this video mentions that buying other studios is a bad idea because Nintendo still has a lot of IP that has not been used for a long time (Golden Sun, Star Tropics etc.) The problem is Nintendo lacks the manpower to develop more that's why they now resort to sending producers to 3rd party companies like Bandai Namco for creating Smash4 and Metroid Prime4 because that's the best option they currently have instead of trying to develop the games in house with the small amount of man power they have. OJ seemed to forget that buying studios aside from getting their IP means getting more man power as well. While SEGA is a big company its there are some smaller studios Nintendo could buy and have a good deal similar to Monolith Soft and Retro:

    Tri Ace – Makers of the Famous Star Ocean rpg series and Valkyrie Profile games. They are currently owned by a shitty Mobile game company Nepro Japan that's why they currently have SO Anamnesis as their main focus and had a low budget and pressure when they made SO5 which made it bad. These guys were also from the Wolf Team (Namco) who made the earlier Tales of rpg games which is why SO1 and SO2 is very similar to Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny 1 and 2. Nintendo getting this studio means they can merge them with Monolith Soft or continue making hardcore rpg games like Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean but with more freedom similar to Monolith Soft's freedom to develop games with minimal supervision from Nintendo.

    Game Arts – Makers of Lunar rpg series and Grandia rpg games (JRPGs developed for western audiences) They are currently owned by Gungho which makes cash cow mobile games and online games (Ragnarok, Puzzle and Dragons etc) Their talents are simply wasted on these shitty mobile cash cow games and as Nintendo lacks the manpower for rpg game devs, this is a good choice and a small studio they can buy.

    Vanillaware – Makers of Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown. A small studio in Japan with 20 to 40 employees. For a small studio that can't do self publishing and no popular IP, they've made some great games that even got remastered for the PS4. They mostly make 1 game per 2 to 3 yrs due to lack of man power. Nintendo buying this could mean they can add more budget for added man power and make more games atleast once per year or help Camelot or Intelligent Systems with creating their games.

    I don't see a good path for what OJ is mentioning on this video that Nintendo should just stick to what they have and buy the Bayonetta IP instead. If Nintendo Switch does sell 20m or more, they'll need to start making more games, with their current manpower, they will resort back to getting their games developed externally with a Nintendo producer instead like how their recent games are made. They fucking have a ton of money sitting at the bank and should be used instead of keeping it there for emergency use. Normal companies keep on investing on stuff or expansions as they want to grow, Nintendo is just the weird kid on the block that does things way differently.

  11. idk i still want them to at least have Platinum Games & ATLUS for themselves haha XP
    (and yes i know ATLUS belongs to SEGA so idk if that's even a possibility.. is it?)

  12. I truly wish Nintendo would buy Mistwalker (Terra Battle, Lost Odyssey, The Last Story, Blue Dragon, Cry On). Mistwalker has two legendary veterans who pretty much made Final Fantasy into the power house franchise it became during the ps1 and ps2 era (Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu), also Nintendo could use more first party rpgs other than just the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise.
    Another dev they should buy are the creators of Pandora's Tower (love that game). Nintendo could turn the Last Story and Pandora's Tower into their own rpg exclusives, plus they could revive that canceled Cry On game that Mistwalker were working on.
    Nintendo need to look at smaller companies that are creating unique games rather than the same old triple A crap that companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Microsoft spew out yearly.
    Nintendo's choice in buying companies should reflect their motto by going after devs who create the type of games triple A companies claims no one wants anymore.

  13. Nice vid PE Ninja Master. Bayonetta too me is a Nintendo IP whether they own 50% or 100% she is not going anywhere. I didn't want Nintendo not too buy Capcom but too have brought a share I thought that would have been a good idea around that time Capcom was in serious trouble but it never happened which is cool. We defo need too see F-Zero, Golden Sun, PunchOut, Eternal Darkness, Star Fox, Star Fox Adventures and Fatal Frame amongst other Nintendo franchises that is dormant or needs a comeback. If a port has never been on a Nintendo system before too me that is a new game too the system.

  14. I think I'd like to see an HD upgrade to all 3 golden Suns. Not changed to graphics… Just enhanced. 3 definitely needs a make over.. but I think at this point they need to go big or go home… My fear is it will end up looking like that one game made by the I am setduna people… Which to me isn't exactly bad….. It's just kind of lifeless and for a game that has a distinct style like that series… It needs some care…

  15. I don’t think they should because bayonetta is kinda out of place and not really a game for kids and just because your a bayonetta fanboy doesn’t mean that Nintendo should get it


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