The Best Gamecube Controller Adapter


Find out which Gamecube controller adapter is the best buy for use with the Wii U or on PC and Mac with Dolphin

TLDW: its the Mayflash 4-Port one

(all adapters shown can be found on Amazon at the time this video was made – if you want a link i can give it to you)

thank you metalparamivida for the question and sorry i only read like half of your name and probably still managed to butcher it lol

if anyone else has any questions like this they would like to see in a video do not hesitate to ask! if i can i will answer it either in text or with a video

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  1. I have the mayflash one, the ONLY problem ive had (which isnt even a big deal now that ive figured it out) is that the ports are missnumbered. the first slot (should be 0 then 1-2-3) is pushed behind a port. So what would normally be 0 is 3. weird but whatever, still superior.

  2. This was the first adapter I bought when adapters were extremely scarce when Sm4sh released, and it's truly the best adapter. It works really well for the Wii U and Dolphin, and I'm surprised it's lasted this long without any problems.
    Also, for those having trouble on Dolphin with this specific adapter, set it to "Standard Controller", not "Gamecube Adapter for Wii U". Then just set it up normally.

  3. So I ordered the Mayflash and when plugging it in to play on Dolphin I have to make sure it is on WiiU mode if I want to play on my PC? (Windows 10)

  4. The purple 2 port Mayflash one has been updated and is now the same as the 4 port adapter internally (apart from the number of ports obviously) You can tell the difference because it has a Wii U mode switch on the front.

  5. Not sure why I watched this but found out that my mayflash can use two controllers by switching to Wii U mode and setting as Wii U adapter (4:42)
    like an sub thanks a bunch

  6. Truly, thank you for the TLDW in the description. Sometimes I just wanna cut straight to the chase on the point the video is going to make.

  7. Not only can you play with the Wii U mode in Dolphin, you *should*! Especially for fast games like Smash, because Dolphin's native controller support reduces input lag compared to the PC mode. Even if you're not about fast games, movement feels more responsive and nicer, plus: you don't have to set up your controller(s), they're just like on console.

  8. Don't waste your time with cheap Chinese adapters. I bought one of those and has input lag, it also doesn't recognize the z button for some reason.

  9. I have a mayflash 4-port gamecube adapter and it is very good for dolphin, I play a lot of F-Zero GX with it and I don't notice any random inputs or input lag

  10. Can confirm, the PC mode is very fun to mess around with. I play just about everything I can with a GameCube controller

  11. Awesome video(s), so helpful! Do you think I could use this Mayflash adapter for most or some games on Steam for Mac? (And configure buttons?) That would be awesome if I could use the perfect GameCube controller, which I already own, instead of buying some crappy, expensive, and ugly Xbox clone.

    …I WILL probably need something from 8bitdo though for an improved D-Pad experience…

  12. A few things:
    – The lag on the original adapter is drastically lower (actually almost nonexistent @0-2ms) than any third party adapter. It's why it is so sought after. If you want to get competitively serious/train on the same game-feel as a Wii/Gamecube, it's almost a requirement.

    – With that said, for 90%+ of those playing on PC, even the oldest ancient mayflash adapters will work totally fine. It's way more likely that v-sync or your monitor's refresh rate will have a greater impact on your timing/gaming experience than the adapter.

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