The Best Horror RPG You NEVER Played! Parasite Eve PS1 Part 1


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Let’s play one of my favorite games that I’ve never played (I’ve played the sequel, just not the first one). I’m going to *try* to review this game on my second channel.

Please watch: “5 REAL Life Haunted Houses”



  1. Oh I played PE alright. I played it when it was new. I played the sequel when it was new. I’m still playing PE to this day. It remains my top favourite JRPG ever made. I did my high school science research based on Mitochondria because of this game.

    I don’t want a FF7 remaster; I want a PE remaster.

  2. Galerians.. another great creepy game for PSX. Though I don't know, it might have been shit but with great cutscenes, I was like 12 at the time.

  3. Eureka Seven is my favorite anime too! I can't believe we like the same anime!
    The characters, the music, the story are all just awesome!

  4. I freaking loved this game. I was psyched when I saw that cry played it! Any now you???? Good stuff

    You should play Clock Tower 2, Silent Hill 2, or Silent Hill 4 as well.

  5. Loved this game. Still own a copy. It has such great atmosphere. Have you ever beaten the original Silent Hill or either of it's two good sequels, SH2 or SH3? Three greats right there.

  6. I played this when I was younger, but my fondest memories of this game were watching my Mom play it through. She's one of those hunt down every single secret ever- even the ones that 99% of the population will never find- type of players. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  7. A fantastic horror voice…looks like just a dude…the reveal doesn't quite live up to the mystery, like true horror so brava, sir.

    Nah, kidding. Was waiting to marathon these after the holidays, then flu fucked that up so this Christmas is just me, Aya, and Melissa.

    So let's get this new evolution on!


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