The BEST N64 Controller EVER? Next Gen Nintendo 64 Controller! | RGT 85


Tired of the N64 controllers with a 3 prong design and loose joysticks? RetroFighters Next Gen N64 Controller Kickstarter was a huge success, and they sent me a sample of the Nintendo 64 controller they created to check out!

RGT 85 – Po Box 5161 Pinehurst NC 28374

Twitter: @ShawnLong85

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  1. No zelda? all my issues with N64 3rdp controllers is the fact that they have that weird 16 to 32 directional bug while the original is 100% analog (360) so link keeps moving weird while walking or running on a diagonal

  2. I know it wouldn't work the same way as standard analog sticks today but would it be possible to make the c stick analog maybe with a clip on stick for fps games?

  3. I'm not trying to prove you wrong but there was actually a good Nintendo 64 Controller but it's pretty rare so don't waste your time trying to buy it unless you have a lot of money which they were making me a lot of money will not that much like $1,000 it can only range from$70 to 100 and it was called the hori pad 64 which had a GameCube joystick what did not improve the C stick its it still was a d-pad or digital pad

  4. At least hori made a Nintendo 64 Controller but the rare to find and they're pretty pricey if you don't have a lot of money but if you're in a high budget or ur in luck because it has to grips instead of 3 but still doesn't have one thing that doesn't make me happy a second joystick or analog stick whatever because the GameCube had to that almost made it look like an Xbox controller because the C stick would be would be good to include but Hori didn't add a c stick but still those those controllers are pretty pricey so if you're lucky enough we're good for you but if you're not lucky enough don't waste your time

  5. How are spin attacks in Zelda? One complaint I often hear about 3rd party controllers is that they don't always work when spinning the stick quickly.

  6. The 1 thing I did not like about this kickstarter was that the stretch goals (more colors) did not apply to the backers. I was backing them for 100$ (4 controllers + shipping) and when I notice that, I backed them for only 1$.

  7. anybody knows if this gamepad will work via USB adapters to pc? . I think if works normally on n64 might be work on usb adapter.

  8. Should have actually checked out the sensitivity. Good ways to check this is in Super Mario 64 with the cannons.
    Or while aiming with the Bow in Ocarina of Time.
    Footage of you playing Goldeneye looked like it's going to have the same issue as the "Gamecube style" analog sticks for the N64 which renders them quite useless for those kinds of gameplay.

  9. Looks good, but there's definitely room for improvement. Firstly, I wish they found a way to build the rumble pack into the controller itself, as opposed to still relying on that monstrosity being plugged in. Second, a more pleasing memory card slot would've been flush along the back of the controller, kind of like a Gameboy cart, as opposed to it sticking out 90 degrees.

  10. Is it still coming out this month and ps this controller vs hori pad mini what's better in your opinion I've never used hori bc it's so damn expensive I hope this one isn't as expensive

  11. Wish someone would make a controller for the few N64 games that make sure of two pads. Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark are the two I can think of and they are better with two controllers.

  12. What you NEED is an UltraHDMI modded N64 (haha).

    I'm waiting for my RetroFighters N64 controller and can't wait. Currently i'm using my GameCube controller on my N64 with a programmable adapter from RaphNet Technologies. It works flawlessly, but it's quite the rigmarole to program, so i've really only used it for shooters (mainly Quake II and Turok 2), though i did program it for Rayman 2 (it can hold up to 4 mappings in memory), and that worked really well too. But i'm excited to see how this controller works– seems like it would work really well for games like Mario 64, Mario Kart, and maybe even Wave Race 64. Plus, it looks like it'll have a bit more of an authentic N64 feel.

  13. R should be a trigger and only have an L shoulder button and Z being the left side trigger. Two Z triggers is a little dumb.

  14. Does anyone know when they'll ship? It says on their website that they will ship in mid Feb but we're in mid Feb and they haven't said anytbing about when they'll send them out…

  15. I wish it would have duplicated the nYko dual analog N64 controller. They didn't work together, but rather had a rear switch to use either the left or right stick. Why do this? FPS's. Games like GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Duke Nukem, Quake/Quake II, DOOM 64, etc… These games featured controller settings to use the D-PAD for movement and strafing (think of it as a left analog) and the analog stick for aiming and looking. Personally, I can't play those games any other way and because of that an old school OEM N64 controller is what I'll always use for them.

  16. Can you do a another video on how this controller has held up for you? I’m very interested in the quality and durability of this controller.


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