The Bezel Project – Automatic Bezels For Every Rom! Script For RetroPie


The Bezel Project – A script to download and add a custom RetroArch bezel for every game in your RetoPie setup!

Special thanks to the developers and artist who made this happen!
Sara Thomas – Project Manager
David Marti – Programmer
Dwayne Hurst – Founder
Carl Johansen – Lead Artist/Admin
Ben Maes – Lead Artist/Admin
Franck Alcidi – Lead Artist/Admin
Mike Manly – Artist
Scott Warley- Artist
Aien Nonscan- Artist
Patrick McCaffrey- Artist
Scott Evans- Artist
Joe Chin- Artist
Adam Jones- Artist
Joseph Shaffer- Artist
Jonas Martin- Artist
Chris Greeney- Artist
Milo Johnson- Artist
Many others have come and gone and left their footprint, influence, and wisdom on this project, too many to list.

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  1. What have I done wrong? All of my bezels are just generic grey hexagons the same on every ROM.. any help would be great

  2. Just installed it and i love it!
    its still a bit picky about which games it displays, for some reason it works only half of the time for genesis, end for nes and snes it 100% of the time but it doesn't always get the specific game bezel and goes to the default nes or snes bezel (zelda and zelda II for example)

    But still, i love how they did this and you bet that im going to follow this project!

  3. This is sooo bad ass! I just hooked up nes and this is crazy! I can't thank ETA PRIME enough for constantly educating all of us on the latest and greatest from retro pie and a big shout to all those who worked on this and all retro pie contributors for making all this awesome stuff!

  4. it wont download any files for me i went to the github page an downloaded from there moved it over to the location chmod but nothin on the menu

  5. Hey is anyone haveing issues with disableing and enableing them cause once there on and you want to turn them off they won't come off

  6. any idea how to get rid of these? i only want them on the arcade so went to unintsall them off the rest. even when you disable, uninstall, even remove the files from the voerl;ay folder, no matter if you set a new bezel and core override, it still trys to place them and overirdes anything you do. I dont want to have to overlays ervery single rom at a time. or even worse, resintall everything.

  7. Works beautifully. Thanks for all the detailed videos you post on your channel. Too bad the Atari 7800 doesn't have bezels even though I installed. I'm just getting "The Bezel Project" on the shaders for the emulator.

  8. Really awesome, did it work on libretro emu? What about cores already paired with custom bezels? Do i need to turn overlays off? Thx!

  9. Ugh, so close. The NES installed perfectly. SNES and MegaDrive say they installed (hung for a while) then said it installed, but they don't show.

  10. I am getting a generic Bezel for some games, I tried copying the gamelist.xml from my rom folder to the emulationstation folder and itdid not work for me.   I installed nes and some games have bezels and some have generic.   I.E.  R.C. Pro Am has a generic bezel while R.C. Pro Am II has an actual themed bezel.   Thoughts?

  11. can I anyine tell me why am I getting connection refused after typing the second command ( raw.gethubusercontent….), after I hit enter I get the following message: failed: connection refused.

  12. Fantastic bezels, really, they dn seems auto generated, saw many interesting artworks. Seems it working properly only with real no.intro name roms, so check closely your collection. Bezels will install on overlay folder regardless, so you can set it manually.

  13. Prime.. I think it’s worth doing a quick vid on how to set up your roms so the bezels work automatically. (Hyperspin/.cfg setup)

    There seems to be a whole bunch of people having difficulty with the bezels.

  14. Thanks for creating this and for doing the video. I love the simulated screen with the bezel. Many work good, but some of them (like Frogger) take up too much of the screen. It seems to squish the play area , so I can’t see all of the playing area. Am I doing something wrong?

  15. I had to change all my roms for no intro roms and then SNES and Megadrive worked OK. (Despite Megadrive showing as not installed in the Bezel project menu). I have also updated all sega 32x roms and these now show a red generic bezel only.

  16. I can't get this to work, I followed along, but no bezels show up. Is it something to do with the names of the roms or something?

  17. I installed the bezelproject and the bezels for the systems in which I have roms for, respectively. They aren't showing up for me.

  18. This is really awesome, but I don't have enough room on my card and I'm out of space! Does anybody know how to uninstall The Bezel Project entirely?


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