The Complete History of Spyro the Dragon (1998-2016)


The Complete History of Spyro: The Dragon. Today we take you through the history of Spyro games, since the beginning till the present.
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Video by TGN Network Partner Rusty Molboxer:

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  1. a new beginning was my childhood. Best game ever imo. Or maybe battlefront 2, time splitters 2 was good too.

  2. My top 5 Spyro games

    5. The legend of Spyro the eternal night
    4. Spyro the dragon
    3. The legend of Spyro a new beginning
    2. Spyro a hero's tail
    1. Spyro 2 gateway to Glimmer

  3. The only Spyro games I loved were
    Spyro the dragon
    Spyro Riptos Rage
    Spyro Year of the dragon
    The legend of Spyro A new beginning ( a fresh take on Spyro )
    The legend of Spyro the eternal night (although very unpolished and difficult )
    The legend of Spyro dawn of the dragon

  4. Is this the different versions of The Spyro Games? i don't remember hardly any of the stuff happening when i played this as a child and i played it all the time, i'm from uk 🙂

  5. I have this game called dragons online and I have a buddy named Spyro on there, at least all memory of Spyro isn't gone

  6. It took me around 8 YEARS to complete Year of the dragon. I finished it yesterday. 117%. Its because most of the time I didn't have a memory card.

  7. so basically "a new beginning" is the only spyro game worth buying if, lets say i played through the ps1 game and wanted to get more spyro fun?

  8. Skylanders isn't really a "Spyro game", any more than Smash Bros is a "Earthbound game". The game has nothing to do with him, outside of having him as an optional playable character. And yes, his new design is fucking ugly as all hell.

    Spyro original trilogy HD remake when?

  9. moneybags is like a metaphor for whoever is running EA games (or Ubi Soft for that matter); some oversized bastard demanding money from players so they can play the rest of their game

  10. Hi I'm 12 now and I understand what you mean about skylanders I was brought up with spyro games and classics most people are mor interested in call of duty or minecraft than the good classic games .

  11. People! If you really want games, go like and comment here for example ↓
    to activision site, click "community" on the top, then search for spyro
    – or just click this for example

    ^^"Should Spyro get his own game again?" (duh) where Activision's one guy replied:

    "Hello [reichenator, some user there]Thanks for the question. We're not avoiding it [making new Spyros] – however we don't have any info regarding any future titles
    – or future ideas. Sorry.  ^ZJ"
    !! So they say _ they don't have any ideas (yet)_??
    So what I do is I reply the Activision person this, full of ideas based on YouTube videos and comments; (the link i posted ^^)

    "I think this would be the most natural order of bringing back Spyro alive so that all kinds of gamers were satisfied; 1)
    Remake of the original series (you can't go wrong as long as you keep
    it true to the originals); the original series is downright happy,
    it puts a smile on your face because of Spyro and the other characters'
    personalities, the music (fits better than anything), the animation,
    walk cycle, running and ramming animations, breathing fire of course,
    terrific voice acting, quirky character, enemies and well-working
    platforming (and Spyro and many other characters are just cute as hell
    and so organicly animated! Spyro might be the most original character
    ever). This is not just my opinion and I haven’t even played the games
    when I was young! I just found about Spyro and let’s play videos about
    them – please see my post “why we need more spyro – a collection of
    thoughts from many” or just go to youtube and see for yourselves how
    much people love both the original and (50%) the LOS trilogy –
    especially the original.People are going back to the beginning
    and their childhood; just look at what literature, movies, YouTube retro
    gamers and even politics has come to. People want to remember those
    happy times (just the happy times, such as Spyro) and the newer
    generation would surely appreciate the original series outerly polished,
    but still to the core the same as the originals. As said above, they
    would be among the perfect first games – they were perfect back then,
    and they would be perfect now too; neither kids nor grown-ups change. 2)
    Continuation to the original – platforming at its best with awesome
    music and characters. ALTHOUGH, make 1) first so that you know exactly
    how and what to make them c: 3) LOS; I keep
    thinking time reversal and Spyro's powers could've done something to
    endanger the integrity of that universe they already saved ("Time
    manipulation is not to be done without the utmost care" or however the
    Chronicler's line went) — maybe make a plot about restoring the world
    the way it was before it almost collapsed, including time shift etc –
    the possibilities are endless, really, as long as the plot is clear and
    believable and not overly drawn out from being Spyro. Heck, why not even
    make it shift between younger and older Spyro; younger being more about
    well-made platforming (not being able to fly all the time) and
    older pretty much the way he was in "Dawn of the Dragon"; freedom of
    flight, epic battles etc, great visuals (done even better), great
    puzzle-solving, epic story… Although, that won't mean people would
    necessarily like it unless there's a remake of the originals first, I
    think – the reguests are all over YouTube, some go as far as to make
    their own remake test versions and over-an-hour reviews or what's
    happened to the series – to none so far Skylanders feels like a "Spyro"
    game – of course not. And since Ignitus became the new
    chronicler and Spyro and Cynder and the rest still don't know about it,
    making a (sub)plot about the chronicler-Ignitus helping out Spyro
    without him yet knowing about it, while still thinking he is gone,
    perhaps? "Time manipulation is not to be done without the utmost care"
    (something like that was what the original Chronicler said before) –
    just going back to those lines after they are wondering what is
    happening to the world, maybe it's not completely fixed yet for example?
    Or then just make other kind of continuation for it."There have
    been many purple dragons"; what about Spyro and Cynder's parents, for
    example? Although, this could get overly sentimental and cliched unless
    done right. Maybe we don't want that until a lot later.. A
    crazy idea; first in LOS continuation, a reunion when Spyro and Cynder
    return to the others (maybe first searching, finding), also including
    the fact of which the others weren't aware, that Ignitus 'didn't make
    it' (he became the Chronicler when he passed on) – then make something
    out of that – maybe correspondingly scene changed to Ignitus
    (Chronicler) searching books about Spyro and yet finding nothing at
    first (because there is an uncertain future yet; the possible timeline
    shifts could be implicated dramatically in the games so that the pages
    start to rewrite themselves because the universe is (partially?)
    broken). So there's a crack in time because Spyro used his powers to
    prevent the world from collapsing, and you can make pretty much anything out of this. You really could "just" start with the original concept of Spyro the Dragon trilogy, and do it as much as you can according to the originals, then take it from there, maybe continue the LOS story."
    Also if you want, check out about why Spyro is loved, and what kind of Spyro is loved so much.
    Spread the word and spread the virus! Activision guys themselves "keep asking" about possibly remaking the Spyro original trilogy (and whatnot).

  12. Spyro please come back to us in the Legend series. A game, movie, or a book I don't care. Just please come back!



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