The DowN64p Standard Portable Kit & MGC 2018!


Hey Everyone! Just wanted to show what I’ll be bringing to the Midwest Gaming Classic, April 13th and 14th!

Introducing the DowN64p Standard Portable Kit!

I’ll be hanging out with the guys from the Bitbuilt forums and will have this Portable N64 on display as well as this Exploded view display that has all the components that go into the kit open for everyone to see.

This will be my first time ever attending an event like this and I’m getting very excited to meet everyone and see some old friends! Also very interested to see what kind of response the kit idea is going to get! We will see soon enough!

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  1. It looks quite neat and professional, very much akin to Ben Heck's more recent handheld builds. The one thing I love the most about it is that the entire design of the DowN64p is compartmentalized, making it easy to replace parts or upgrade certain aspects of the design should the need ever arise. Fantastic work, Downing!

  2. Nice! I'll have to stop by and say hi at the Midwest Gaming Classic! I'm still working on mine, should finish up soon I hope πŸ™‚

  3. Would you be willing to sell a case separately? I would like to build my own, but I cannot find a good parts list anywhere either.

  4. How do you get parts? Are there .stl files to use with any 3d printer for the plastic stuff?
    Where do I get the following:
    1. 640×480 lcd display
    2. battery
    3. charger
    4. an N64 cartridge slot to make sure I don't have to remove the original one, but then something small to stick into the original cartridge slot and solder 64 wires to that thing instead of breaking the original cartridge slot. Then solder those wires to the new cartridge slot. Eventually those things can be manufactured to make things easier. Same applies for the expansion pak to make it better fit inside. This also applies to allowing a fully featured N64 with transfer pak gamboy slot and the memory pak and the rumble pak. If all those special paks can be included, that would be appreciated.
    5. speakers
    6. headphone jack for choice between speakers and headphones

  5. Wow. I've always enjoyed watching people make portables out of consoles, but I never thought someone would make a standardized kit. Nicely done.

  6. Any chance of being able to buy individual components? I'd be very interested to get one of your controller pcb's for my own portable, but I have no intention of getting a full kit. Thanks.

  7. Can I buy this? I really want to buy one of these kits, and build one myself! I would pay an absurd amount of money for this!

  8. You mention a custom power board which takes 12V in and gives you charging while playing, battery indicator and the power distribution β€” who is this magician RDC and where can I get that board?

  9. Best of luck with this. It looks awesome. I work the retro too over on my channel. I know good stuff when I see it.
    Game on!

  10. Your builds are getting neater with every iteration,congrats! If you wanna streamline the production process ,check my build,might give you some ideas,in my way you still can make a kit,but with various options suited for every gamer's need (different joysticks,screen,batteries,sound options etc) and aside the joysticks it has only a custom board needed for this.


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