The Final Fantasy NES prologue, translated and read in Latin, with captions


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Hic mundus tenebris involutus est.
Ventus desinit, mare furit, terra putrescere incipit.
At populus credit unum vaticinium et illum exspectat.
Ubi hic mundus tenebris infectus est,
Quattuor bellatores lucis apparebunt.
Itinere longo concluso, quattuor iuvenes advenerunt terrae huic.
Et in manu cuiusque, crystallum tentum est.

This world is wrapped in darkness.
The wind stops, the sea rages, the earth begins to rot.
But the people believe in one prophecy, and await it.
When this world is tainted by darkness,
Four Warriors of Light will appear.
At the end of a long journey, four youths came to this land.
And in the hand of each, a crystal was held.


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