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The Dreamcast had a lot going for it including sharp visuals and an emphasis on online gaming with the modem being included with every system. Fans love the Dreamcast to this day with rumors of a Dreamcast 2 always popping up online. While a new system from Sega is not likely, we can at least look back on the original Dreamcast with fond memories.

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  1. I bought one on day launch…i remember pre orderin it with power stone…but then i changed the power stone pre order to sonic…anyways i loved the dreamcast and i also bought later power stone 1 n 2

  2. Great video. The super corny recorded, "I'll take it from here" and "Thanks back to you" are douche chill inducing. Besides that, loved it all!

  3. God. These guys are talking the same things over and over and over again. Guys like this are watching one and the same movie 200 times and would bot be tired to watch it again. I have lived the c64, nes, snes, saturn, ps1 etc. Era. And it was good and nice but i never ever want to go back again. Never. Because i saw the future (today). Accepted it that people are horny to do the same thing over and over again but i hate retro gaming. Its like sadisfying your wife with the same postion over and over again. That will not work.

  4. Dreamcast was awesome but the Saturn the cd and the 32x sucked. Sega never had patience to make a quality next gen console

  5. Wow, sega really tried their damn hardest in terms of hardware and software with the Dreamcast. It's sucks that it had to end like that.

  6. It looks really easy to repair due to it being modular. I feel a little less worried about mine dying one day. 🙂

  7. Dreamcast is the FIRST "HD" System. If youre not playing in VGA mode youre dumber than my friend who was playing his PS3 w composite on his 1080p tv for 2 yrs.

  8. Excellent vid! I was a PC guy at the time so I completely skipped that generation of consoles. But now I understand why the Dreamcast is still a cult phenomenon on the Internet.

  9. Thanks John. That made me want to take out the Dreamcast out of the cupboards and find out why it was rebooting all the time. When I found out why, I was gutted I didn't realize that before I give away my Dreamcast collection… Oh well. At least I still have ECCO the ?!

  10. Nothing wrong with talking fast, but it ended up breaking the rhytmn of the video. If you want to talk fast, I suggest starting using a similar speed as the beggining of the video and speed up little by little. I don't know if you had the ability to see the beggining of the video or if you 2 recorded it blindly, though.

  11. The dreamcast was just a powerful Arcade hardware, shrunk down to a home console. That is why it supported VGA out of th ebox, the arcade mahcines needed it.

  12. I had pre-ordered it and enjoyed the hell out of it! It was the last console I really enjoyed to the fullest, as it was at the end of my hardcore gaming youth phase before my energy started to go elsewhere and my gaming became less hardcore. It eventually led me to becoming a (gasp!) casual gamer but ironically it was a hardcore mobile game that got me fully back into gaming revisiting the classics and testing my skills while getting more into recent consoles (especially those of 7th gen. like the Wii) and picking up consoles I never owned like the Saturn and PS2.

    I found my Genesis from the early 90s in my dad's garage and it worked! I also found my OG Xbox from the early-to-mid-00s and fixed up the electronics and reinstalled the OS for its mod-chip. I then proceeded to pickup all the consoles I used to own, SNES & N64 except for the Dreamcast, PS1 (since it is easy to play most games from those systems elsewhere now) and Neo-Geo Pocket Color, since I own better handhelds like PSP and 3DS. However Switch has again got me excited about current consoles. I was looking at the PS4 for a long time, but couldn't justify it when PS3 is a stronger console for its time and had yet to make even the most of that! However Switch is unique and interesting enough to justify taking on. If PSVR's price goes down, PS4 may still be worthwhile.

  13. Dang seeing Powerstone in that first minute made all those childhood memories rush in. Now I'm wishing the franchise gets picked up again

  14. After learning more about the dreamcast I have came up with a hypothesis as to why capcom and other third party companies have reluctant to make games for the Switch, it's because of all the similarities between the Switch and the Dreamcast like both had predecessors that were failures and they both have limited production due to chip shortages but the main difference is that somehow the Switch is selling well and people are buying games.

  15. I recently bought a sega dreamcast to show my love for crazy taxi, and found out there is an insane library to dive into. Love this system 🙂

  16. I feel fortunate to have received a Dreamcast for Christmas, the year that it launched. My cousin got one as well and, to us, the Dreamcast was a smash hit. I was shocked to discover that the Dreamcast was a failed system, a few years later. It just didn't make sense to me. The Dreamcast had such a wide and diverse selection of innovative, fun games. So, I feel fortunate because I got to experience the console as the hit system that it was meant to be, and that it should have been.

  17. LOL! You know I'm always eating a dripping plate of pancakes right above my Dreamcast … syrup … Hahhahahahaha


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