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Ever since I was a child I always wanted to play my Nintendo 64 Games on the go. Well, now that I am an adult with a job I can finally invest in a collectors item such as the Portable Nintendo 64! I am so happy I have this and really wanted to share this with you all!

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Haru Kitsu – for the Thumbnail Art:

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  1. Hey everyone. I am so sorry for such a long absence. I am working on starting up my channel with new videos very soon! I just moved into a new house and these past few months at my new job have been a lot of work. (Good work though c: ) I will begin making videos again by the end of the month! Thank you to anyone who has stuck with me thus far!


  2. Max I miss videos!!!!! I usually come home from a hard day at school and your vids make my day all better!!!!! please come back

  3. Mithzan I'm sorry I should be more understanding, I don't do youtube I wouldn't understand how hard it is to manage a new job and still try to keep your fans happy, I'll wait 300,000,001 years if I have to to see some new rossome vids (ye I did max!) Anyway I'm sorry for being so inconciderate and selfish.

  4. 5 months without uploads, I would be worried if I didn't see the comment you posted (even though it was 3 weeks ago. Thats OK because we know your not dead)

  5. You are my favorite
    Don't tell Barney
    "Barney doesn't even want to be Barney"
    Best quote ever from that one vid I'm sry Barney is great to but I wuv you more


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