THE SEGA DREAMCAST MINI AND OUR 3 GAMES THAT NEED TO BE INCLUDED – We at the High Score all love some retro gaming, especially considering the games that to this day are still worth buying. However, some consoles from video games’ pasts always have hidden gems and today we’re discussing the Sega Dreamcast mini and the hidden gems, or not-so-hidden gems that we think should be included in the mini-console’s video game library! We’ve seen Nintendo have the NES Classic, and although we haven’t seen a Sega Saturn mini, apparently we’re just moving on forward to the console that everyone misses the most, the Dreamcast! So, let us know what top 3 games YOU would like to see appear on the console, and let’s see what is chosen out of the collection of great Sega games and mascots (Sonic, Shenmue, etc) that we choose from in this funny video!

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  1. totally unrelated Soul calibur 3 had a multi platform release on xbox was spawn on Ps3 was Hitachi on gamecube they had link i had a ps3 and gamecube i never really ever liked xbox although i considered buying an xbox just for spawn one my fav comics… but I think they need that game with all three characters for a dreamcast mini because there will never be a xbox mini and Playstation already got sorta a mini counsel

  2. House…of…the…dead…2!, the hillariously bad voice acting is a top highlight, especially from the main atogonist, Goldman.

  3. Let me see what I want on my Dreamcast Mini
    1. Blue Stinger (w/ the crappy North American camera)
    2. Kiss Psycho Circus
    3. Fighting Force 2
    4. Shadowman
    5. Disney's Dinosaur

  4. Glad it isn't being made by that bullshit company AtGames. Don't know anything about Retro-Bit, but I hope they can do better than AtGames did with the other retro Sega consoles. Kinda just wish Sega would actually make their own console tho.

  5. Man Dreamcast use to go hard back in the day. We use to play Quake 3 Arena and Marvel Vs Campcom 2 all day everyday. I still have my Dreamcast. I might have to power that thang on one time

  6. Half-Life, completed on the Dreamcast mini after 20 years of being vaporware?
    Reminds me of a certain fox in space on the SNES classic…

  7. Was Crazy Taxi the game that forced you to do donuts or something, as a “tutorial”? Or was that something else? If it helps, whatever game I’m thinking about…that “challenge was hard af, and you couldn’t proceed in the game without passing.

  8. Predicting the snes Classic isn't exactly prophecy. With the success of the NES Classic, it was the obvious next step. I was never a sega guy as a kid and never owned a dreamcast. To this day, I look at its catalog and it still pales in comparison to the games that were on N64, PS2, And GameCube. I would take other systems over dreamcast any day. It failed, and the games were partly why. I do believe the dreamcast was ahead of its time and released in the wrong window of gaming. I have a soft spot in my heart for sega though, but Nintendo and Sony at that point in time were killing it.

  9. What no Skies of Arcadia ?? And you call yourselves gamers??? Okay I completely agree with you on power stone though like gertz soul caliber has a special place in my heart

  10. My top personal 3
    1. Shenmue (This game was very underrated and it was ahead of its time)
    2. Sonic Adventure 2
    3. Power Stone 1 & 2

  11. Actually the Dreamcast community is small but still vibrant. Still running mine and can find many titles online. Just introduced the kids to Shenmue over the holidays…


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