The Sega Man Gets Sega Saturn!


Yes, that’s right, I got myself the legendary, underrated and mouthwatering beauty, that is Sega Saturn. This video is a really really paradox invested style of randomness confuseness film that shows my desirable excitement of opening up my Sega Saturn out of it’s shipping box! Really Epic, please Enjoy! Sega Fans, I promise you, “It’s Out There!”


  1. Really? Sweet deal! The Saturn is so unique and you can find a lot of fun games within it's large library. I'm sure you'll have a blast with it! Just out of curiosity, is your's the model design of the MK-80000 or The MK-80000A? (Oval buttons or Round buttons on system)

  2. Ah, so it's the earlier model. Real nice looking. The earlier models had a sleeker case design, in my opinion, compared to the later ones and still contains the CD Access LED. You got yourself a good find, they are not as common as the later models. Enjoy it! 😉


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