The Top 5 Games on the Nintendo 64 | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 35 (Part 2)


We have a heated debate this week over the 5 best games on the Nintendo 64. Will Ocarina of Time get booted? Do any of Rare LTD’s classics make the final 5?
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This week’s podcast features GameOverJesse and The Nintendo Guru.

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  1. That awkward moment where you look at the video, look down at yourself, and realize you are wearing that exact same shirt.

  2. shooters killed platformers. why waist your time making intricate levels with bright color palets when yoy can throw in some guns and a whole lot of brown to make a bigger profit

  3. I don't think ocarina of time was that great either, but I do think that Smash was the best game on the N64. I played that game for hours on end and still pick it back up to play with friends to this day. Mario Kart was amazing, but nowhere near as good as Smash Bros.

  4. The controls in Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask are exactly the same. The code for it was a copy and past job. Majora's Mask wasn't that fun and I 100% the game. Most of the side quest was not fun. The four dungeons in the game make the ones in breath of the wild look good.

  5. For me the top 5 would be…
    1. Mario 64
    2. Rouge Squadron
    3. Pilot Wings
    4. GoldenEye
    5. Shaddows of the Empire

    It's hard to limit the 64 to just a top 5 though. I'm amazed that they never came out with Mario 64 2.

  6. MM is one of my favorite Zelda titles, and OoT is my least favorite [of the ones I've played] – yes, OoT ranks below both Phantom Hourglass and Skyward Sword for me. [Although I recently picked it up for 3DS so I can give it a fair comparison, since I played MM on 3DS.]

    I think where OoT loses, more specifically than story, is characters. The NPCs just don't have any, well, character to them. Controls and gameplay aside, I think every later Zelda game improves on the depth of the NPCs over OoT. Many of them have hubs (like Windfall/Outset in WW, for instance) with lots of interesting characters, which just didn't happen as much around Hyrule Town or Kakariko Village.

  7. One of my best games ever that was on the N64 and that, I think, will never be in an actual top 5 or top 10 is Ogre Battle 64. Damn I loved that game.

  8. There were a few more 3d platforming franchises than you're saying on Sony systems – PS1 was Crash and Spyro, PS2 was Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank for major IP. It's only the PS3/Wii/360 era that the 3d platforming went away outside of Mario and Sonic.

  9. All the things you mentioned about goldeneye's multi-player, were all in perfect dark, but more plentiful and more involved. Big head mode, one shot kills, character customization (they took the oddjob handicap and ran with it with the maians also having a speed advantage), and more modes than goldeneye ever had.

    Perfect Dark was the PERFECTED version of what Goldeneye wanted to be. Also, you could customize weapons available to everyone vs a slew of inferior weapons against the RCP90 in GE.


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