The Ultimate N64 Controller? Next Gen Nintendo 64 Controller on Kickstarter -| RGT 85


The N64 is an awesome system but let’s face it: the controller leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design. Retro Fighters is bringing a “Next Gen” Nintendo 64 controller on Kickstarter which is live right now. Find out all the details!


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  1. I used to hold it on both sides, until i realized that was freaking painful and I couldn't get to the Z button, so I had to hold the thing in the middle.

  2. lol That's how I hold it as well. Never understood how people could comfortably hold it from the middle prong. Used my right pointer to press Z as well. Wasn't doing anything right. Glad to have this though. I feel like I'm going to actually enjoy the controls of all the Turok games for the first time. Can't wait.

  3. What I think is that they should have used 2 analog sticks and not just 1 (Why did they use 2 Analog sticks on the Nes one WHY)

  4. Using N64 to GCN adapter is a much better choice. The analog stick dead zones are exactly the same, some N64 to GCN are legal in the speed running community do to the low latency n high accuracy input of certain adapters.

  5. Aw man, I was really looking forward to using this for fighting games. Looks good though, add USB and they'll get a buy.

  6. There isn't really any benefit to making the controller have a more traditional two pronged design. N64 games were designed around the controller. Either the game uses the analog stick and the Z-button, or it uses the d-pad and the L-button. Being able to access all of these at the same time is pointless since no games make use of all of those buttons, it's either one set or the other, which would dictate how you're supposed to hold it.

  7. The Original N64 controller was godlike back in the day! Unique + worked and felt very good. This kickstarter is a waste of time IMO


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