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A spoiler free look at both games with an actual answer.
Today the Nintendo GameCube turns 15 years old, also the Wii has also just turned 10 years old, and A Link to the Past also turns 25 years old…. what a better way to celebrate than to compare two of the greatest games in the series. Like choosing your favorite child…. we all know you have one.
Today I will give a definitive answer to which of the two 3D Legend of Zelda games for the NGC is the best one. I will do so with a completely unbiased viewpoint and pretty standard criteria. Concept, Story, Visual Presentation, Audio, and Gameplay.
Also I am gonna be reviewing the GC versions, no Wii U HD Remasters or TP Wii version here!
So without further ado, lets get to it.
Which is the best Zelda game on the Gamecube.

Which is your favorite game of the two? The Wind Waker (2003) or Twilight Princess (2006)? Let me know in the comments below!
If you think I am an idiot for choosing one of them, let me know as well… although chances, are you don’t need my permission to do that.

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I just realized its Zelda Month as made famous by Peanut Butter Gamer (PBG) Great timing I guess with the Gamecube 15 year anniversary, Wii 10 year Anniversary, and the Link to the Past 25 year anniversary. 2016 is a big year for Nintendo.

Side note, why is the Gamecube known as the GCN everywhere other than Japan? NGC makes way more sense. I also find it weird that it used to be called Project Dolphin.

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  1. both hd versions are out. someone should judge the hd versions and see what they improved, and what flaws it still has.

  2. Dislike for giving the art style point to Wind Waker (yes, only for that reason, dislike), I like both games, but I hate the graphics in Wind Waker, Twilight Princess has the best graphics ever in a Zelda game

  3. conept- twilight princess. Yes, it basically is Link to the Past 3.0, but I'm going by execution here, and as such the great sea had a lot of nothing empty space and a lot of islands weren't too interesting. Twilight Princess's scope matched its scale better

    Story- Wind waker. It had more likable and memorable characters, and its execution was better. It's a tad close tho because Twilight Princess had Midna and Zandt, two favorites of mine

    Art Style- Wind waker. This one isn't really that fair since Wind Wakers cel shaded look is obviously going to age better than twilight princess's more photo realistic look, it's like comparing paper Mario to 007 Goldeneye. But twilight princess's visuals still Match the world they're going for quite nicely

    Soundtrack- twilight princess. Criminally underrated soundtrack imo, great songs for certain moments in the game and absolutely fan fucking tastic dungeon themes. Wind Wakers was great too but a lot of the best ones played at certain moments.

    Game Design- twilight princess. I personally just see twilight princess as the much more polished game here as progression, while linear, has sort of an epic feel to it, and isn't a slog through water, like wind waker, or ungodly linear, like skyward sword, or obtusely designed like ocarina or majora or Zelda 1. You can figure a lot of it out through common sense rather than having a guide next to you, like link to the Past almost. The dungeons were also fantastic as Well, the best ones in the whole series all with their own gimmicks that work very Well, and some like lakebed temple and snowpeak ruins that are very open ended without being too frustrating like great bay. The bosses, while still very easy, are the best here as they're epic, original, and cinematic. And looking back at this game's design, apart from the intro which took way too long, there's not much else at all to bitch about either

    So my vote goes to twilight princess

  4. I just got a bundle on ebay for windwaker and twilight princess on gamecube. came here to decide which one to play first. I was gonna go with wind waker just to play them in the order they were released but now I wanna play twilight princess

  5. I think that Wind Waker actually had the better story. There's one ultimate reason for this: Link's little sister getting kidnapped made more sense than the kids in his village and his sorta girlfriend getting snatched up by Bokoblins. There was no real motivation for the Bokoblins to kidnap the Ordon Kids.

  6. Twilight Princess had a 3 hour long tutorial though. It took forever to get into Link's iconic green tunic. Wind Waker did a better job of thrusting you out into the adventure.

  7. I have played almost all Zelda games & have to say, Twilight princess is way WAY better than wind waker. My favorites Zelda games are: Ocarina of time, Twilight princess, A Link to the past & the game boy games. both Oracles and Link's awekening.

  8. Thx a lot for this spoiler free video. I just finished Ocarina of Time yesterday, which was my first Zelda game ever. Today I started Majora's Mask on the 2ds and Wind Waker on a PC emulator. I'm absolutely in love with the Zelda universe.

  9. I'm playing twilight Princess for the first time right now and it's awesome. I might like this one better than OoT. I'm doing Majoras Mask next and then Wind Waker HD. Wish me luck.

  10. Great video – thanks for avoiding spoilers and trying to keep personal bias out. It must be hard! I just got Wind Waker and am keep to play it through!

  11. Which game is more challenging in terms of puzzle, and or combat? I trying to play one of these games in the future.

  12. I bought Twilight Princess at launch. I finally finished it about two weeks ago. It is a good game but it took me 11 years to get through it. I guess that shows you where it ranks in my eyes.

  13. I love twilight princess it's just bec how it looks SO REALISTIC 😀 but wind waker is good but it freaking looks like your in a cartoon xD

  14. Windwaker is a great game! I absolutely love the hunt for heart pieces and treasure, but Twilight Princess is far superior, with way more interesting dungeons and boss fights hands down.

  15. Twilight Princess was my first Zelda I completed fully, and it made me feel good because after I couldn't finish Ocarina on my 64 I got, I don't know how to describe it but just a beautiful gaming experience in twilight


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