Thrift Store Game Finds! // Rare Wii U Games // PS1 RPG Games // SUPER CHEAP!


Join us as we search for Video Games at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. We will buy anything from video games to barbies if it helps fund the collection. We will also give occasional tips and tricks for what to look for and how to find great items at garage sales and thrift stores!







  1. That Disc replay is in my neck of the woods. Just discovered your channel and enjoying it so far. It seems to me you are picking up a lot of shovel ware or very less desirable titles (Disney games, Lego games, Harry potter, etc..), why so?

  2. I like the channel and vids, but these are not desirable games. I don’t see any quality at all, just wasted money and effort!!!!!

  3. Those ps1 games really cool, damn insanely the amount of games that you get, i think each family video is going to make a monument of you, and when you enter they will bow to you LOL literally

  4. It must take you a lot of time to get those stickers off. Do you have your own hair dryer or do you borrow your wife's lol?

  5. man that is some b.s. thats the disk replay that i always go to and they told me that i had to choose the 20 percent off or the 6th game free, but not both. 🙁 nice vid though. all your vids have you buying like a hundred games. how long does it take you sell all that?

  6. Thanks for the entertainment Chase! I found one, apocalypse, and odt escape or die trying all complete and very clean for ps1 for $1.50 a piece this week.

  7. On Ebay I found a lot of two DS lites and a 3DS for $40cad. They say they all have a certain problem, but I'm hopeful I can get them working fine and sell them off. 3DS alone goes for around $50.

  8. How did you buy the Wii U titles because whenever I try to buy the ones without a sale sticker they tell me that they’re not for sale.

  9. Idk how you always get them to sell the games not marked forsale they never sell them too me. How do you find out when they are doing those great sales i never get to them in time. Give me tips my man

  10. It may be just me but why are all the games you "find" sitting on the top of every stack you come across in the video? Just an observation.


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