Today’s BIG Story 8/9/17: A NEW Nintendo 64 controller is coming!


Welcome to Today’s BIG Story for August 9th, 2017. What’s old is new again! The N64 is getting a brand-new controller with some modern sensibilities, thanks to a successful Kickstarter.

Kickstarter – New modern-styled N64 controller


Music by Saberpulse and Evan King


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  1. I just saw what you are mentioning on a webpage called the Nintendo enthusiast and they were just talking about this they say that the kickstarter about this controller is doing great and if it succeeds they might put this product out there

  2. Hello my friend, I love your approach to the Nintendo news and try to catch all your content. I found your channel a few months ago and was just wondering what your first name is . I think I heard you refer to your self as RMC. Just curious #epicbeard

  3. The N64 controller was always a big stumbling block for me back in the day, and contributed to me never buying an N64. As a retro gamer who has recently been thinking about picking up an N64 this is fabulous news. I'll watch with interest.

  4. You can also get a replacement module for the control stick if you already have controllers that simply have worn down control sticks.

  5. There is an existing cable mod you can buy that allows you to plug your GC controller to the N64, as well as offer programmable options. It's $25 (so more expensive than this) but you do have the comfort of a 1st party made GC controller. Looks like Retro Fighters (the guys making this) also produced a special NES controller (which I've never heard of). The reviews for that will probably give insight into their N64 product.

  6. It looks really nice and comfortable, especially for the price, and it's great that it has proper C buttons for N64 games, an analog C-stick doesn't cut it. Buuuut, I wouldn't be able to play Goldeneye with a modern configuration if there's not center handle analog stick. 🙁

  7. Haven't you ever seen the replacement analog sticks that go into the original controller? They're great, and I think around $10 (they're Like the PlayStation analog sticks)

  8. The physical shape of the controller actually reminds me of the Alpha Pad 64 (the only N64 controller with dual analog sticks).


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