TOP 10 BEST Dead Game Series!


Sometimes the most fun game series end up dying out despite how awesome they are. This week we are diving into the franchises we NEED to come back on my list of the TOP 10 Best Dead Game Series!

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In this gaming top 10 list video I talk about the gameplay, story, and general genre elements of Left 4 dead, Grandia series, MechAssault for the Xbox, Spyro the Dragon for the Playstation, Fatal Frame 2 but referencing the full series, Mega Man Legends, Turok Dinosaur Hunter, Onimusha, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, and Dino Crisis. These games are on Gamecube, Ps4, Ps3, Ps2, Ps1, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Sega Dreamcast, N64, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Switch. These game series badly need a sequel!


  1. Been just dying to talk about how much I love MechAssault so glad I finally had a reason. 😛 Thanks for watching and liking the video!! 😀

  2. I still can't forgive Capcom for how they handled Mega Man Legends. To me Capcom had always been a top tier publisher/developer but they lost a lot of respect from me.
    I look at Capcom now and I can see why they are in their current state. I don't think those involved with the decision making have the passion for gaming as much as they do running a business. I do hope they can return to their former glory someday.

  3. By Generation…4th: Genesis>Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, Shinobi, Streets OR, ThunderForce, Super Hang On, Comix Zone, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Vectorman.
    Snes> Hagane, Chrono, Mega Man X, Contra, Space Megaforce, 2D Linear Castlevania, Ninja Warriors
    5th: Ps1>Omega Boost, Einhander, Spyro, tons of Ps1 jrpgs. Saturn> Guardian Heroes, Legend of Oasis, Dragon Force, Panzor Dragoon Saga, shooters like Radiant Silvergun. 64> ExciteBike

    6th: DC> Powerstone, Cannon Spike, MDK. Ps2> Zone of the Enders, Odin Sphere (a Sequel), God Hand, R-Type, Gradius, Kinetica, Onimusha, SSX.
    GC> F-Zero, Custom Robo, Rpg Paper Mario, Viewiful Joe, Gotcha Force, Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron.
    XB> Gun Valkyrie, Panzor Dragoon Orta, Airforce Delta Storm, Otogi Myth of Demons, Crimson Skies, Mech Warrior, Blood Wake.
    Other> Xtreme G, Turok, Golden Sun, Timesplitters, DBZ Super Sonic Warriors+ many others

  4. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep makin videos! Love your channel. You're not just a reviewer and you're not just a collector asshat trying to flaunt your collection. Awesome!

    My number 1 dead series? Panzer Dragoon!

  5. I enjoyed Spyro and Splinter Cell and I think that since Metal Gear really did die as we loved it, it is time for a game with Solid Snake and Sam Fisher also they should bring back Banjo-Kazooie in a brand new game that is just like the first two games

  6. Legacy of kain Soul Reaver
    Parasite Eve
    Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy)
    God Hand
    I would say Half Life, but that won't happen xD
    Btw I agree with your list

  7. A sequel to Splatterhouse 2010,critics didnt like it but i loved it.It had its faults but i enjoyed it alot so, and its only your opinion that matters.

  8. i want Tenchu back soo badly,really,we always have a lack of these ninja style games and Tenchu is the one that done it in the best way.I would love to see it with larger maps and even a online mode,to have other ninjas with different weapons and costomization to play larger and risky missions together

  9. Unreal Tournament, Mirror edge, Enslaved, Project Gotham Racing , Virtual Fighter, Dead or Alive , Shadow Man, Driver , Saint Row, Timesplitters, Tenchu, James bond games,

  10. Lots of cool suggestions here. For many reasons, I don't think my ideal one could be done at this point but I would have loved a conclusion to the Legacy of Cain series. Fading away on a cliffhanger, after that awesome twist, was utterly gutting.

  11. Unfortunally there's too many dead series in current days. Just Sega itself has a lot of them, but that everybody already knows. I can also name Command & Conquer, Fear Effect, Road Rash, Quake, Prince of Persia, Dungeon Siege….damn…too many great series…I guess that's how the gaming industry has always been…I'm kind afraid for the Tomb Raider series….

  12. Dino Crisis is so damn good… and the second one, even when a little more traditional, was IMPRESSIVE and still holds up today. I'm gonna play it again soon!


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