Top 10 Best Strategy JRPGs (SRPGs) -Portable-


Now, a top 10 of my favourite strategy rpgs but for portable consoles.
NOTE: Before you start complaining about it, games like Tactics Ogre or FF Tactics are NOT on this list because they are originally console games.

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  1. Have you ever played a ragnarok from nintendo ds that was also very good and you use the pen? I played ragnarok from the video, but I never completed it for some reason

  2. Actually, Blazing Sword is the prequel to Binding Blade, not a sequel. You play as the father of BB's protagonist.

  3. Have you played Valkyrie Profile:Covenant of the Plume?

    That is probably my 2nd favorite SRPG of all time behind La Pucelle.

  4. Although this is one of my favorite genres, I didn't even realize this many SRPGs existed! Thanks for the vid!

  5. I'm curious if you play any games for phone or tablet from Google Play Store. . . Curious because I'd like to find some good strategy RPGs for my tablet


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