Top 10 Fighting Games PS2



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  1. Nice list.
    I don't agree with the order or all the selections, but they are all titles fighting game fans should check out.

  2. Those were probably the worst iterations of every fighting game sequel besides Tekken 5 and virtua fighter Evo.( No disrespect) My list would be… Street Fighter anniversary collection, Def Jam, Art of fighting anthology, KOF Maximum impact, KOF 11, Arcana heart, Guilty Gear accent core, MK deadly alliance, Tekken 5, virtua fighter Evo, KOF 2000/2001, DBZ Budokai 3….More than 10 but you named pretty much the weakest games in every fighting game sequel…. Especially SF ex3 and Tekken 4… They're probably the worst Tekken and the worst Street fighter ever made.( Besides SF1 and movie SF) How could I forget….Soul Caliber 2!… I played that game day in and day out

  3. yup infinite world is very close to be the perfect fightin game out there just for the system itself and one of the best if not the very best dbz game IMO


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