Top 10 Hidden JRPG Gems PS3


At last, one of my favourite consoles of all time: the Play Station 3 and its hidden gems. Let’s take a look.
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  1. haha I was going to recommend Tears of Tiara 2 because it was so rare and fun! But should of known you found that one since you love strategy rpgs also. The only problem with that game is that it is insanely long to the point where you wish it would end lol.

    One I recommend since you liked the project X zone games is Cross Edge, its really fun and has a battle system close to the Agarest wars games. Eternal Sonata is another really good one that I would say is kind of a hidden rpg maybe not.

  2. Great list Erick and just in time lol. I actually started collecting rpgs for the ps3 and I'm surprised it has many quality ones. Better to get them now while the majority are cheap.

    I just finished collecting the Atelier series on Ps3 and you are right. The last three games are becoming rarer and expensive to collect. I'm a big strategy rpg player and your list is perfect. I can't wait for your part two of this series!

  3. Record of Agarest War 1 was realesed in North America for the PS3, but digital only via the PlayStation Store. I have no idea how much it costs now since I own it. Hell, I own all three PS3 Agarest games. I soooo enjoy unleashing 6 party member combos. Fyuria is my favorite, «especially» since she has the highest AP count of anyone in the First generation.

  4. If you haven't already played it, I'd recommend Eternal Sonata. It's on Xbox too, but the PS3 version is better, has more content and a couple of extra characters. I hardly ever hear people talk about that game, but it's pretty good imo. Visually, it's beautiful, the whole game looks like a watercolour painting. One of my favourites.

  5. Thanks, I haven’t known of these games until now, I usually search hidden jrpg’s before I buy them.

  6. I knew all of them except wizardry and trinity. Ill see if i can get trinity as it looks cool.

    And good taste with Atelier. I love all of them, specially Rorona plus.

  7. The start of this video more or less was how I felt when I saw you just made this video XD. As in, finally ^^

  8. As an added point to Wizardry, the original Wizardry series were such influential games that most DRPGs (Dungeon crawling RPGs) we get today like Demon Gaze, Stranger of Sword City and Operation Abyss among others, take inspiration from Wizardry. Like how many of them have the healer being able to use a skill that gives the party a shield against damage for one turn etc. Just thought it was fun to point out, since this subgenre of JRPGs has quickly become my favourite

  9. Gotta say I'm really diggin your channel!

    I was also wondering if you've ever played any non-Japanese JRPGS like Anachronox and Septerra Core – or more recent ones like Earthlock and Legrand Legacy (or even the more post-modern takes on the genre like Undertale and the upcoming YIIK: A Postmodern RPG)?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  10. I like the PS3, but it lacks the quantity of the PS2 and quality of the PS1 rpg libraries. It felt like the life span of the PS3 was too short. But I believe it will be under rated when we look back on it.

  11. I bought a PS4 for Persona 5 but I didn't realize it was on PS3 along with all the other JRPGs. I'm about to downgrade my PS4.

  12. Hey very great content about jrpg list video. We should do a collab. We both have good content on our channel about jrpg and we are small youtuber. Great video man

  13. You dont actually need to grind in Agarest games, there are free Download DLC packs that gives a massive boost.

  14. Trinity is among my top twenty five video games ever made. It's nice to see a fellow gamer give Omega Force / Koei some attention.

  15. Tears to Tiara II is by far, BY FAR, the best strategy-JRPG I have ever played… and this come from a hardcore strategy-RPG gamer that played every Disgaea, FFT, Ogre Battle, Fire Emblem, Stella Deus, Suikoden Tactic, Super Robot Wars, Shining Force, etc…

    If you want the most rewarding and fun challenge a S-JRPG can offer, aim for a one playthrough platinum run… I cannot express how godly this game get when doing so, it is just perfectly crafted.

  16. If you liked Wizardry, I recommend Wizardry tales of forsaken land on ps2. the battle are a bit slow because of the animation that can't be skipped but the scenario is very good. Also Elminage Original on psp or pc(steam) is very good.

  17. You should definitely try Trails of cold steel games, there are 2 of them for the ps3/vita, it's such an amazing game series specially combat system and world building. It's so sad that tears to tiara 2 doesn't even have a wiki like you stated, i think many people don't even know such game exists.

  18. Finally I see some love for Tears to Tiara!

    Amazing game! And, excluding sidequests, it is the longest JRPG I have ever played in my life.

  19. Not to say these aren't all great games, but I feel like the list is a bit awkward when you have several games from the same series taking up multiple slots on said list.

    I know the PS3 wasn't exactly a powerhouse of JRPG games, but surely there are more out there than a mere few series of games…


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