Top 10 JRPGs on the PS2 Part 1


At long last, Part 1 of my Top 10 JRPGs on the PS2 is here! I’ve been meaning to do this one for awhile, but with all the amazing JRPGs out there, it was a very hard list to make.

There are some games I love and admire that I had to flat-out omit… that was tough. However, nostalgia can only go so far when we’re trying to evaluate the game as a whole, its originality and overall experience.

These games spoke to me in a way few get to. This is my Top 10-6 on the PS2!

Enjoy and let me know what your list would consist of in the comments below!

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  1. I hated Kingdom Hearts… 

    In no particular order: Star Ocean till the end of time, Nocturn SMT, Digital Devil Saga SMT 1 and 2, Shadow Hearts1, Shadow Hearts 2, FFX, FFX2, Dot Hack, Persona 4,

  2. Dragon Quest 8 makes it on the list but not at no.1 Well…at least it made the list, IT WAS NOTICED! XD
    That's a lot more than what you see from most people, if it was up to me, I'd place it higher but hey, personal opinions.

  3. I like your lists but if you are going to hold up the box try to get it all in shot, because some games have really good box art

  4. erika, you are so sweat!!! i'm from brazil and I saw your channel and your instagram and loveddddddddddddddddd so much!! so beautiful, so atletic, so funny, incredible games , pc engine forever!!! hahah and jrps and all , loved you so much!!! 😀 =D :3 c(= :D:D:D

  5. i had rebought the digital devil games recently and strangely, i didn't find them as enthralling the second time around. i'm not sure why. shrugs

  6. Completely agree with you about KH, I wanted to love the game so much, and really did, but the controls made it maddening that I put it down for good becayse of the controls…Would love to go back to it, but every time I think about how unfun parts of it were.. I go on to other games

  7. You're cute and you have good taste in games. Your videos would be more watchable if u added bits of gameplay maybe to add more the the visual while you have an attractive face… its harder to get through your videos for me .

  8. I get the feeling people take "jrpg" as a genre rather than being just a japanese role-playing game. Then again, people don't seem to have any idea what a role-playing game is to begin with…

  9. Its not boring at all watching you. You are so passionate about games. Hope you are doing well now. I didn't realize you were Canadian. I live in Kenora Ontario and I saw you live in Pickering. I was just in Toronto and was trying to find a good retro store. My sister lives in Cambridge so I was going to find one there. Well peace

  10. you know I'm a huge lover of video games especially JRPG'S but I'll be honest I can't stand Kingdom Hearts in the least yes I've played them all and yes I've tried to like them. That being said there is absolutely nothing in them to make me like them.

  11. Dragon quest 8 is my favorite game ever made, from the story, to the depth in strategy. Truly a masterpiece. Kingdom hearts 1 was a good game but I will never view that game as a masterpiece, now number 2 is a different story, that's another gaming miracle given to us

  12. I'm listening to what you're saying in these videos .I'm totally into what your talking about. I here you talk about nostalgia. I have to ask, how old are you?

  13. haha this is where i picked up the word "janky" i been saying that off the hook lately. also you're beautiful and have an awesome lists

  14. Rogue Galaxy. This game is super underrated and easily should deserve a spot in the top 3 in anyone's fav ps2 games list.

  15. My top 5 PS2 RPGs (only 1 game per series)

    1. Kingdom Hearts 2
    2. Radiata Stories
    3. Dragon Quest VIII
    4. Shadow Hearts (2): Covenant
    5. Final Fantasy XII

  16. Yes, your face is adorable, but please show more gameplay footage. Annotations at the bottom of the screen with the name of the games would also significantly contribute to the enjoyment and usefulness of your videos.


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