Top 10 JRPGs on the PSone Part 1


My Top list of PSone JPRGs is finally here and boy is it a big one! There was no way I was gonna do a Top 5 for this video, there are way too many amazing games to choose from!

I hope you enjoy and let me know what some of your favourite PSone JPRGs are in the comments below or make a video if you feel so inclined!

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  1. FFVII what a perfect game its like revolution in my opinion that open people eyes to real games that deserve to play and spend time  ( rpg games )

  2. Nice list,loved legend of dragoon was great,a couple of the games you mentioned like lunar,persona were never localised in Europe for ps1

  3. I'm confused as to how you loved the story, graphics (at the time), and materia system for Final Fantasy VII, but did not rank it higher.  

  4. Final Fantasy IX is a CLEAR number one for me after all these years. I hope you put it somewhere on your list ;P still at number 6 right now

  5. I love Legend Of Dragoon! I was shocked to see it only at 10 i wish she would of had it at a higher spot

  6. Fair judgement on #8; but I would have ranked #8 higher.  Omake Boxes FTW!  (I still have my pendant.)  Great localization in translation as well.

  7. I just scanned over the video "Top 10 JRPG's on PS3" and was like, "meh…", because I don't even like a single one.  I find the art of RPG's to be a lost one, and now they're more like beat-em-up's with experience points and weapon upgrades.  Or worse, FPS's with those elements.  But the PS1 had some good ones indeed, which you highlighted here.

    I really liked Chrono Cross too.  It was hated on largely because of how much Trigger was adored, but IMO Cross was still a good RPG on it's own merits and that it's very unfair to do that.  Suikoden II & Wild Arms were also good ones.

    And while it's cliche, FF7 was indeed my favorite RPG as well.  I think it's hated on for the same reason the Yankees are in baseball… because it's just so darn good.  People would rather root for an underdog, and are just sick of hearing about how good it is.  But it deserves it's billing.  I loved the materia concept as well, and the plethora of options it gave you.  Porn for an OCD JRPG geek like me that must always not only beat the game, but max out my players to be GODS!  I spent countless hours in the Sunken Plane morphing enemies into sources to get everyone to 255 everything.  And splitting materia until everyone had Knights of Round, Master materia, etc… It was the RPG that finally topped Phantasy Star 4 for me, which had held the title previously ever since the 16 bit era. 

    Phantasy Star being my favorite RPG series of all time.  It didn't hang around and keep making crummy sequels just to cash in… it went out while still in it's prime, and went out with a triumphant bang with 4.  And no I don't consider any of the mmorpg's released since to be real Phantasy Star games. 

    As for Final Fantasy, I also really enjoyed 6 & 4.   

  8. What did you think of the Star Ocean 2 PSP remake? I'm a little scared of a long game right now. O_O

    That's weird. I really liked Lunar but was highly displeased with Lunar 2. Lunar 2 just seemed like the weirdest sort of rehash where so many characters were rehashes of the first (and the flying cat was the only one who was better), and it was really groan-inducing preachy.

    I have to say, FFVII is in a class of its own for me. It's a genre-bender (as far as the setting goes). The character interactions were incredibly powerful and real, the plot was excellent and staggering and impactful. Nothing was that engrossing to me before or since.

  9. Persona 2 games were both awesome, but I understand why they were not well received in America :
    1) The first game had really bad port in America with a whole part of the game scrapped and characters being altered in an horrible way…
    2) Eternal Punishment is the second game in the Persona 2 timeline and if you didn't play the first then 80% of the game will not be understood…

  10. My top 10 PSone JRPGs, no order: Final Fantasies VII, Tactics, IX, Suikoden I and II, Chrono Cross, Valkyrie Profile, Breath of Fire III and IV, and Legend of Mana

  11. awesome list 🙂 Final Fantasy 7 and Star Ocean 2 are two of my fav games of all time 🙂 never played the others sadly

  12. If you play FFVII again play the Steam 2012 version.  A lot of those 3D PSone games had strange, shimmering graphics that always kinda bugged me.  In the Steam version that effect is gone, you can play it in 1080p with higher res fonts and it can be modded if that's your thing.

  13. I remember back in the day when I was a little kid I used to play those ganes all day that was fun times I guess we have a kid inside of all of us that's why we can't let those things go the dream lives on

  14. Awesome list so far. Gonna watch part 2 in a few. Thanks, really, 'cause I've been trying to get into PSOne JRPGs as of late. 😀

  15. Btw, your lipstick is awesome. Gonna try it. And yeah…Persona 2 is amazing. And it is super expensive at the time being. xD (at least for my budget)

  16. mine top 10

    suikoden 2   user metacritic…. 9.5 highest than any other jrpg
    final fantasy 8
    xenogears  metacritic 9.4
    final fantasy 7  metacritic 9.2
    legend of dragoon  metacritic…9.4,,,

    crono cross 
    star ocean 2
    breath of fire 3
    front mission 3
    final fantasy 9 or tales fo destiny

  17. I will get the pendant from Eternal Blue to you if you promise to be my white mage and always cast shell on me when needed.

  18. Ill take it this way, this part 1 was just 6 games long, and number 1 from this list is FF7 so ff7 is number 1, period!…there it is! im not disliking…haha
    Cool video, and good games you have there

  19. Thank you for this list. You have amazing video game taste. I just went back and got a ps1 and started collecting stuff I could never afford when I was a kid. lol. lists like yours help out a lot.

  20. this has probably been mentioned before but this vid would be much better if you had included clips of the games you were talking about. I have only watched a couple of your videos and find it refreshing hearing a female perspective of gaming. have you thought about doing a video detailing your thoughts about female representation in games? I think that would be really interesting. thanks.

  21. Bit disappointed that Final Fantasy VII was so low on the list. You are right that Final Fantasy VII is #1 for many lists. Hopefully Suikoden I and II are on your part 2 list.

  22. There is a new Star Ocean coming out THIS month. 😀 I have my doubts, ( the battle system looks a mess ) but am hopeful! 😀 Also: What were your feelings about Alundra 2?

  23. FF7 claimed about a full week of my life, all because I had to complete every single part of the game. It was kind of melodramatic fighting Sephiroth at the end, since once you've mastered all of your materia and beaten all of the weapons you're OP af….

  24. I don't like counting remakes on top 10 lists like these. Lunar 1 & 2 are Sega CD games that happened to appear on the PSone, but I wouldn't consider them PSone games.

  25. Ok you don't get final fantasy 7 battle system I freaking love FF7 & FF8 battle system shit I've been trying to get turn based JRPG's for sooo long, right now i need some for ps3 got 2 series… Nice video thanks

  26. Lunar 1 & 2 were both incredible games. I played eternal blue first actually, and its one of the most epic RPGs I've played to date. Of course, 1 is also quite awesome, and I loved it as well. I have both games complete in box, including Lucia's Pendant. Unfortunately the pendant is starting to show its age, and a bit of the gold paint is starting to fade. Still awesome though lol

  27. Totally 110% agree with the list. Now I wanna get down to the real issues. How much to spank me with the blunt side of a gunblade?

  28. LUNAR AND LUNAR 2! Yeah, and Grandia 1 and 2, my favorite rpg's of ALL time. I just connected with those characters sooo close, like they were real friends of mine. Awesome


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