Top 10 Most Unknown JRPGs Game Boy Advance (GBA)


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  1. I really like the super robot taisen games especially the animations but I am a huge mecha fan and I love tactical/strategy rpgs so it feels like those games where made for me. Here’s an idea for another gba video but not sure if there are enough games for a “top 10” but it’s gba rpg ports I can think of three off the top of my head but that’s it great video btw

  2. I'm more of a mecha anime crossover Super Robot Wars person. The officially localized ones are limited to the first two OG games plus the first kinda lame endless frontier spinoff game so i wasnt exactly satisfied with them.

    If anyone who cannot stomach raw japanese is interested, some old games like 3, alpha gaiden and J were fantranslated and the latest titles OG moon dwellers (again, not a fan of the original generations) and V have an english translation in their asia version, X is bound to get an asia version too if it wasnt released already, wasnt really paying attention to release dates.

  3. My cellphone can emulate gba pretty well. What is the best nonaction rpg on the gba? I love a good story most in jrpgs.

  4. Ogre Battle Saga Tactics Ogre Gaiden The Knight of Lodis,Shin Megami Tensei,Shin Megami Tensei Demi Kids,Summon Knight Swordcraft Story 1&2,Tales of the World Nakirki Dungeon 2&3, tales of the world Summoners lineage, Dragon Quest characters, Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan heart, magical vacation and Megaman Battle Network 4.5 are some other unknown GBA jrpgs.

  5. LOL you think that voids and Super Robot taisen take a long time, Front Mission 2 a Mech a strategy RPG for the PlayStation by squaresoft has battles taking about 2 minutes including low times.

  6. Super robot OG,both are great games and i like them but the one thing that annoyed me was some of the bosses.They have a like a million HP,a shield that reduces damage by 90% which u must break AND they regenerate HP/turn,they felt like sponges that just absorb your hits,that's not challeging,that's boring.If you have no skill points left for the boss,you must restart the battle,that's not fair.I recommend you play super robot wars J on gba,a japanese game that's fully translated.I wish the originals were translated though,the ones with gundam,mazinkaiser,getter robo etc.
    -I think shining soul 2 is a great game,it's fast,nice dungeons and 8 classes is pretty impressive!Shining soul 1 though is garbage.
    -Didn't really like boktai
    -I've seen zoids saga but the box art made it look like a cheap power rangers knockoff so i never played it
    -Car battle joe?Never played it,the ''battle'' reminded me of destruction derby…if destruction derby was crap,it would look like this.
    Have u played Zone of the enders:Fist of mars?It's a tactical rpg.It's like super robot wars but not as good.

  7. I had Boktai at one point and thought the sun feature was kind of neat until I realized it was a must. I live in Arizona where it gets to 110 ° regularly, even 120° once. Even at 70° in the winter it still gets hot sitting out though its pleasant in other respects. So I sold it, though I still have the manga. Thanks for another interesting video. There are a couple here I didn't know about!

  8. Boktai is my fav and finished it, the solar sensor was unique but sometimes its really hard to play at night especially when you ran out of reserve from the solar bank. Btw there is a translation of Boktai3

  9. Zoid Legacy is an amazing game, and its possible to skip those scenes by pressing B button. Robopon 2 is also a fantastic game, very lighthearted and humorous. Gotta check the others by myself. Thanks for bringing these games in spotlight, nice video man.

  10. The Super Robot Taisen OG series is a crossover of the original mecha and pilots from the main series. That is why it is called “Original Generations”.

  11. Are you going to make Top 10 for PS Vita, too? Most unknown, hidden gems, normal top 10 or did you already have and it was a long time ago? 🙂


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