Top 10 Most Unknown Nintendo DS JRPGs -Part 3-


The conclusion to these unknown videos for the NDS!
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  1. I think people are rethinking Hoshigami, because the DS version got torn to pieces by game reviewers. And Dinosaur King was not even big in Japan. They tried their hardest to make it a thing though. If you are going to rip off Poke'mon don't hire Ash's and Jesse's voice actresses for the dub!

  2. Conclusion? I think that there is still material for a quarter … And I say it after having seen all the videos.

  3. Great list! I think the footage at @8:50 shows you need to capture your own footage though. Even just a screen capture from an emulator would be better than that

  4. Luminous Arc I+II were not great games, but they were pretty good for portable Tactical RPGs. I say this having completed the story of both games. I don't think these games are not legendary must-play like Fire Emblem, FFT, Tactics Ogre or Shining Force, but if you like that kind of game, they are good time wasters.

  5. here are some DS hidden gems that you can add on the list..
    – Custom Robo Arena
    – Draglade
    – Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero
    – Ghost Trick
    – Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure
    – Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie Barbecue
    – Lock's Quest
    – Magician's Quest: Mysterious Time
    – Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
    – Monster Tale
    – Ninjatown
    – Orcs and Elves
    – Robocalypse
    – SBK: Snowboard Kids
    – Scurge: Hive
    – Soul Bubbles
    – Summon Night: Twin Age
    – Tokyo Beat Down
    – Steal Princess
    – Sands of Destruction
    – Nostalgia

    great video sir almost all of your lists are rare DS games..

  6. There was a game for pc,inspired from atelier annie,it's called Recettear an item shop's tale.While atelier annie is focused on alchemy,Recettear is focused in managing your shop,sell high,buy low and it has some dungeons.Basically you are in debt to the bankers and u must collect a certain amount of money each month or else the rothschilds will take your house and throw you in prison.

    Rondo of swords kicked my ass,it's a truly unique game but a bit imbalanced(like those damn archers u can't run through because they are between walls),a sequel might have ironed out the imbalances.
    And matrix software should sit the fuck down and make Alundra 3 already.

  7. Oh my god I recognize that background song but can’t place the game…

    Wonderful video as always, sir.

    Can’t remember all of your others but here are some more:
    Drone Tactics
    Fighting Fantasy
    Inazuma Eleven (1&2)
    Mazes of Fate
    Ragnarok DS
    Summon Night Twin Age

  8. Have you played Wachenröder on saturn ?

    I picked that one up but have not yet played it. Seems kind of interesting but the jp language only kind of makes me hesitate.

  9. Dinosaur King is more of a complete rip-off of Mushiking, and it’s so faraway from Yu Gi Oh. The only difference with the two is that the former are dinosaurs and the latter are beetles. Mushiking even has an anime. And I think Mushiking is more popular, not sure? Gameplay wise, it’s so similar, with those cards and stuff, even using that rock paper scissors thing. Both originated from an arcade game.

    And really Mushiking = Dinosaur King? I laugh at the name so much

  10. I actually liked Hoshigami, but every criticism you made about it is 100% correct lol

    I just really like making overpowered characters by grinding, which helped me give the bland story and drab characters a pass, but its definitely not geared towards players who want to experience the story without grinding for hours, which definitely betrays its presentation lol


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