Top 10 Rom-Hacks & Mods for Classic Games


Top 10 Classic Video Game Rom-Hacks and Mods

If you want more of your favorite classic games, this list is for you. Rom-hacks and Mods for classic, old school games provide new levels, campaigns, sections, enemies or weapons to your favorite games of yesteryear. Did you know Mario 64 now has CoOp? Neither did I…but there’s at least 9 more revelations to come, so join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Classic Video Game Rom-Hacks & Mods.

00:38 #10: Super Metroid Redesign
01:31 #9: Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom
02:27 #8: Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries
03:25 #7: Super Mario Star Road
04:19 #6: Sally Acorn in Sonic the Hedgehog
05:04 #5: Zelda Challenge Outlands
05:56 #4: Mario Kart R
06:34 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. I actually have Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes! I was at my local Cartridges Galore and they had a copy for sale so I decided to buy it

  2. I love racing games that feature upgrades to buy but there's just a few options out there, so are there racing game mods out there? Something like Top Gear 2 or Road Rash but with TONS more upgrades would be a really cool idea, and also bring some variety with open road tracks, and not only closed circuits

  3. Hey Mojo guys since 64 Is here I guess PS1 are also in, so there is a Mod for ff7 so good its called New threat Check it out

  4. That two Sonic romhacks you mentioned is reaaly a mediocre ones!! One of the biggest scene of romhacks and you take this. Shame on you

  5. Not a lot of research was done here, if you are going to go with a Sonic Rom Hack, Sonic Classic Heroes is prob one of the more well done rom hacks, and if you had to go with the Sally in Sonic 1, then use the updated footage.

  6. Streets of Rage Remake and The Streets of Rage 2 rom hacks that allow you to play as Street Fighter characters are some of my favorites.

  7. 6:20 that moment watchMojo can't tell Boo from Kirby…kirby isn't part of the ario universe…and also kirby hs feet…if you look closely that BOO doesn't

  8. Square needs to put up or shut up! either make a good 3rd game in the chrono series or fuck of!
    they aren't keeping the IP Alive themselves anyway…

  9. Super Metroid Redesign does NOT belong on this list. It destroys the very core of what makes Metroid Metroid. Hyper Metroid or Z-Factor are far better choices for this list.


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