Top 10 Unknown PS1 RPGs (That Are Good)


Brave Fencer Musashi
Breath Of Fire 3
Legend Of Dragoon
SaGa Frontier
Thousand Arms
Azure Dreams
Legend Of Legaia


  1. So many great rpg's. Some of course are famous and some are not so famous but I like them all.

    FF series
    Zelda series
    Dragon Quest series
    Legend of Legaia
    Legend of Dragoon
    Legend of Mana
    Chrono Cross
    Saga Frontier
    Front Mission 3
    Brigandine Legend of Forsena
    Azure Dreams
    Lunar 2
    Tales of Destiny
    Wild Arms 2
    Suikoden series
    Thousand Arms
    Rhapsody Musical Adventure
    Grandia 2
    Vandal Hearts
    Star Ocean series
    Arc the lad series
    Breath of Fire 4



  2. Sorry but final fantasy 9 is hands down the best rpg game on the playstation! Maybe even is history! Well atleast top 5 of all games but #1 on the PSone

  3. He talks like a lil kid, he says W's instead of R's. I dont care or mind it i just noticed it. Like he says sowwy instead of sorry. Ahaha its kinda cool

  4. Wow, you talk like Elmer Fudd! 😀 Not being a douche, I just never knew anyone talked like that in real life.  Anyway, I've seen most of the games you mentioned (but haven't tried them all), save for Koudelka, which I've only heard of fairly recently.  Yeah, Koudelka, I believe, is a prequel to the Shadow Hearts series.  My most played in your list was BF Musashi.  I was addicted to it back in the day.  Didn't like the PS2 follow-up, though.  What about Jade Cocoon? That's pretty under-the-radar.  Can't remember if it's any good, however.

  5. No Alundra????? If you don't know what it is i highly suggest you play it ASAP! Not Alundra 2 though, that game is crap.

  6. Saga frontier is one of my favorite games of all time. Brings back so many memories. saga frontier 2 was too linear.

  7. Obviously, "Legend of Dragoon" and "Grandia" can in no way be even remotely considered "unknown" as they are widely known, often spoken of, and appear on countless best PS1 rpg lists.

    other than that, great job on the video.

  8. @Injustice This video was keeping with good titles
    It also depends who talk to over the years most ppl learn of Brigandine, Legaia and Koudelka from this video

    I recommend Revenge of Top 10 I did of unknown titles regardless of being good or not

    Also been thinking doing a top 10 non SEnix related titles

  9. big playstation 1 gamer here, getting out of new games like destiny and trying to get back to my roots. here are my favs fantasy tactics, 2.legend of lagaia, 3. breath of fire 3, 4. final fantasy 7. I want to play goos ps1 games I havent tried like these, any suggestions?

  10. MJ you should check out a PS1 RPG called Valkyrie Profile. it was made by Enix and Tri-Ace who made the Star Ocean series. I also recommend Vandal Hearts on PS1 as well. it is a tactical RPG made by Konami. the sequel is kind of bad, but the first game is amazing.

  11. They are more well known but not as main stream but Chrono Cross and Xenogears are also 2 more really amazing RPGS I recommend to anyone looking for a good ps1 rpg to play. They sport great music and visuals, and an excellent story.

  12. Sadly, I have reverted to emulation. I have own most of the games listed you shown. But, I in the past years deleted my games collection. I have XB1 1TB internal and 3TB external drive, XB360 500GB, PS2 stock, and PS3 Slim with 700GB drive instead of the stock 120GB drive. Is emulation if you own it digital or original disc and it has died illegal?

  13. watching this in 2016… Nice to get more good old games to add to the to play list while we try to survive the AAA downfall that's about to come in the next 5-10 years…thanks for this!

  14. Legends of legaia if one of my favorite games of all time i like it better then ff7 I didn't have any final boss problem i was at level 99 and had juggernaut maxed out as well as all spells

  15. you left so many put. saiyuki journey west, was one, Suikoden series, and many more. I have most and I will try to put up a video so others can let me know which games I'm missing from my collection. I also have the . hack series as well, I'll see you later brother. keep nerding on!

  16. I still play BFM to this day. never gets old. played the demo back in the day and bought it when it came out and have been playing it ever since

  17. first off this guy has never played ps1 games legend of dragoon is well known and so are most of the games in his collection..he is an amateur

  18. I had all but Kouldelka(though my dad has it), and Brigadine from that list growing up. <3
    Azure Dreams and BFM were two of my favs.

  19. How is Grandia dated? Sure, its looks and voice acting haven't aged well, but the gameplay is still 10/10 and it has a pretty good story.


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