Unboxing The Treasure Episode 18: Sega Genesis Flashback (HD Version)


I finally acquired the new Sega Genesis Classic Edition. I unbox and go over its contents along with reviewing the system and games.


  1. So it seems nice i like that it has master system games but wireless controllers bleh and it appears that you need to have them to make everything work. That to me is a major fail.

  2. Yeah, the wireless controller had extra buttons on it. It works ok, I finally got the batteries lol. There is a way I discovered on the regular wire controller to select the other games, but you have to press two buttons at once, it’s a bit weird, and it’s very fidgety, very hard to select them. Same for the wireless, the menu design really isn’t all that great when it comes to selecting the games. They should have made that easier. It does still have the ability to play regular genesis games though, which is good. I like having the HDMI hook up as well. Pros and cons to this, like most stuff. Better then the previous genesis classic though at least.


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