Using Brickseek To Find The 10″ Porg!! | Did It Work?!


Funko Pop hunting for the 10′ Porg!

Pop Price Guide:

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  1. I saw a 10' porg when I was looking for 10' Thanos. I used brickseek, wasn't there asked an employee he checked and said they would be out April 22nd so hopefully tomorrow…..wish me luck.

  2. That's how I hunted down my porg and thanos too. I live in an area with 1 target and 90% of employees are incompetent or flippers. That site is my savior

  3. Woah!! I'm gonna start using this website for future hunts on specific funko pops. Thank you so much for the info I greatly appreciate it!!!

  4. Congrats thats awesome some target employees are rude but thank god you got good customer service. I found one in jersey but the box up top was beat up

  5. I was traveling around the Boston area and I went to a local Target 🎯 where surprisingly they had a PORG in stock! I should’ve pulled the trigger and scooped it up! It looks amazing out of 📦!!! Great vid!


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