Video Game Collecting Haul December 2014 – A BIG SNES find, Genesis boxed games, and other pickups.


Video Game Pickups for the month of December 2014. I knock a very rare SNES game off my needs list, get a bunch of boxed Sega Genesis games, add a PSP system to the collection, and more!


  1. Great Channel brother.  I found you through Cracklotus.
    Great Pick ups.  Thats amazing your going for a full Saturn set. 
    Cant believe how many great games you bought.  Get the PSP component cables to output on your tv really amazing.  Im desperately trying to get Darius on the PSP but its very very hard to find.  Cant believe you found Team buddies.  Oh and if you have GBA Player on Gamecube with component with the GBA player that Guardians Heroes looks amazing so does gunstar heroes

  2. Metal Slug XX is a nice upgrade over the DS Metal Slug 7. I remember finding it by sheer luck at my local Play N Trade after I had got the Anthology for my PS2. I was ecstatic and hurriedly put it on the counter for the store owner to put aside while I finished game hunting. It and other games then came home to my collection.


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