VIDEO GAME CORNER Split that ROM and Burn that EPROM


In this tutorial I show you how to split and burn an eprom.


  1. That's cool! I finally got all of the parts and I think I am going to try tonight.
    Thanks for the videos and the info.
    It is awesome!

  2. Cool thank you. I was going to use my laptop and run it through my DVD recorder but I didn't want to redo everything. I record my game footage that way. I run the games on an emulator and record my laptop through my DVD recorder and watch it on my TV.

  3. Nice tutorial, Jaytos. 😉 Like I said before, I don't see myself doing this, but I do find it really interesting seeing the process. Maybe somewhere down the road, I'll give it a shot, but not in the near future. 😛

  4. Thank you. I figure these tutorials are good for both types of people. The buyers can see the work that goes into reproduction carts and the people who want to make them can learn how.

  5. Hey J!
    Just wanted to let you know that I just made my own Repro tonight. Moai Kun. It was pretty awesome! Now I just need to start working on the other roms. What would you suggest as a good second to ease into it?
    Thanks again BTW!!

  6. That's great. You are very welcome. I would try making one of the Castlevania hacks or something like a Sweet Home or Final Fantasy 2. They only use 1 EPROM and 3 wires.

  7. Cool! I will try that tomorrow some time. I may need to get 27C020's. I have 10 010's and then the 512's and 256's so, I won't be able to do Big projects. Lol! I'll let you know my progression though. Jeremy

  8. If you have a Dragon Warrior 1 cart you can use the 512 and 256 chips for a Dragoon X Omega. It doesn't take any wiring at all and it's a fun RPG.


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