VINTAGE POKEMON GAMES! GameStop Dumpster Diving Jackpot! GameStop Dumpster Diving Best Finds!


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Tonight, we had an awesome night of GameStop dumpster diving! We hit about four different GameStop dumpsters, and found a ton of amazing stuff. We found 3 brand new PS4 games which is awesome, a Xbox One game and a couple older gen games. We also came across two amazing looking Final Fantasy online flags, which are sick looking! The two best finds of the night were definitely the two vintage Pokemon games we came across. I found Pokemon Emerald for the Gamebody Advance, and I found Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy color, which is absolutely incredible! Both of these games work perfectly fine, and I have definitely been enjoying them! If you enjoyed the video, make sure you hit that like button, and if you’re not already, hit that subscribe button for awesome dumpster dives all the time!

GameStop Dumpster Dives –

Five Below Dumpster Dives –

Barnes And Noble Dumpster Dives –


  1. Hi jebus you are freaking lucky I always wanted pokemon games for the gameboy keep it up with the best videos and you are the coolest

  2. I'm new to your channel but have enjoyed it so far. I can't believe Barnes & Noble throws away great stuff. Love those dolls. I'm disabled and would never be able to afford them But like looking at them

  3. I jebus dude I really liked your barns and Noble series those little pocket game boxes look so cool u should da a give away


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