Visiting My Old Animal Crossing Gamecube Town.


►’Like’ for nostalgia ?

In this video we travel back in time to look at my original Animal Crossing town. Although there’s not much to see in town, it’s super fun to see where it all began.

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  1. Omgosh I love this!! I didn’t know about animal crossing back in the game cube days but I’m obsessed with new leaf. ??? I hope they put a switch version out soon 🙁

  2. i loved the "Gamecube" Animal Crossing. I just recently restarted new leaf from the beginning to distract me of the sadness that is No Animal Crossing for Switch probably until, my guess, holiday next year

  3. GameCube. My first game was new leaf and I was thinking of trying out some of the older versions.. but after looking at this I think I might be spoiled now with NL ?

  4. Oh man I remember my very first town in Animal Crossing gamecube. I had the best villagers. I remember having Olivia, Gwen, Groucho, Biskit, Bluebear, Midge.. I know I had more but those were the ones I remembered the most. My poor memory card broke but before then, I'm sure my bro deleted my file to make space for the Resident Evil games.

    I loved my gamecube town because of Olivia. Her angry face on the gc scared the hell out of me one time during New Years and I haven't forgotten that face since. Olivia's my favorite villager of all time. I wish I had her in new leaf so bad…

  5. Gamecube! I loved this version (played 48 hours straight, no sleep at all, when I first got it) but now, it's all about the New Leaf for me. ?

  6. You know, I’m beginning to think Nintendo is staying so quiet about it because they’re going to drop a bomb on us. They know their fans haven’t forgotten that they told us the app would be out this year and they’ve been suspiciously hush hush. I have a feeling we’ll get news soon and it will be good news.

  7. I can't tell if that's the European or American version. I hear the European version's voices (especially when Copper talks) yet the date is in American format.

    Edit: Actually, I think the Australian version had the European voices with the American date format. I completely forgot that the Australian version was slightly different from the American version.

  8. Olivia used to be my favourite animal (is there a proper term for animals that live in your town?) but then I saw Lucky and immediately changed my mind

  9. Gamecube! My fav part of my GC town is the fact that one of my starting villagers was Bob :0 so happy when that happened because I had newleaf before I got it and I never ever had a cat villager and the moment I get one it's the best one lol

  10. Did you record this by pointing a camera at your television? Came out pretty good if so except a couple of small lighting issues


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