WARNING: The HDMI Adapter KILLED my GameCube


I have been happily using the GC HDMI Plug n Play 2.0 adapter from ZeldaXPRO on my Gamecube for weeks now… until it got bumped at a party. Now my Gamecube is DEAD! However, a new version is being worked on by the creator and all orders will be automatically upgraded. For more info, please go to : https://zzblogs.wixsite.com/home/purchase-a-plug-n-play-2-0

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  1. That's why they call her KinZilla! This is a case of GUI (Gaming Under the Influence) gone wrong.  There should be a new law for gaming parties: wireless or go home!

  2. Does anyone know how they are just made? I mean this guy is a singler outfit – hes not so big manufacture which means anyone with electronic skills should be able to do this right? sorry about asking this i know it sounds really cheap and all but i am the head of a gaming society at a uni in london. We barely have a bugget to speak of so any money i can save by just making it myself is best

  3. just a bad design for the connector
    i recommend you to put wired consoles on the table closer to the player instead of the tv

  4. Dude if your gamecube falls down and the adapter breaks de pins its your fault not the producers. I hate it so much when people say its the product manufactures problem that needs to be fixed. You should be more careful not the manufacture. He didnt slam the gamecube to the grownd. That would be like if my bong breaks and i blame the company for not telling me to be careful

  5. It's kind of scary how bad most third-party stuff is with grounding. A lot of people blame the girl, but the electronic engineering behind third-party stuff like EverDrives and similar devices would make you reluctant to put them in your consoles if you knew what kind of tricks they were using. SD2SNES is one of the few I would trust because it's solidly built, but most of the other such devices are basically garbage that could wear out your console by drawing too much power over time. This adapter had an issue such that if the cable was jostled or misaligned at all, the device could be fried. This was a particularly extreme case of movement, but a much lesser movement of the cable could have had the same result. There are also issues with smaller things like third-party power bricks for, say, a Nintendo Wii being improperly shielded and potentially hazardous.

    The moral of the story is, in my opinion, the Nintendo Seal of Quality means something. You take your console's life in your hands trusting anyone else. Doesn't mean that no one else can do it right, but you want an engineer's opinion after tearing it apart, because a normal person won't realize there's an issue with it.

  6. Umm, yeah it was her fault, clearly. Maybe she should behave more her age instead of leaping around like a 5 year old?

  7. Honestly he's going way above what he needs to for a 3rd part accessory of this sort. look how many nes and snes were killed by aftermarket adapters. Honestly It is your fault you egged her on and the nintendo was ripped off of the cabinet, had it hit the floor it would have probably ruined the disk drive also.

  8. Everyone saying that it was the girl, yea it was, but he did mention the fact that kids or something might bump it. All he is doing is making you aware that this happened. You can even see that the GameCube did not even take a hard fall nor did I see it hit the ground. And now the creator is fixing that issue and everyone won't have to have this happen. Accidents happen. Stop talking shit.

  9. I still have my DOL-001 from when I bought it from the store, this would be great. Man, that system and I have been through a lot, and she's still kickin'!

  10. These people don't understand that yes, Kinsey may have tripped and caused it to fall
    But a GameCube is durable enough to survive that fall

    Kinsey doesn't have a goddamn circuit inside her, she is in fact, virtually impossible to short out the system just by pulling it. It's obviously the adapters issue, it's fully explained by MJR in the video – possibility of moving the 12-pin slightly such that the voltage goes and shorts out the other pins, destroying the console. That's

  11. "Your honor, it was not her fault!"

    [Prosecution submits video evidence]

    "…..your honor, we would like to change our plea and offer you free a BJ …"

  12. This is why girls like Kelsey are better, I mean, was neccesary to not leave the controller alone?
    More calmed down, did nothing, heck, even on the video looks like she is angry because of what happened.

  13. This is one of the greasiest videos I have ever seen from a YouTuber. Consider yourself lucky that the guy making these adapters doesn't have the resources to sue you for libel because that is EXACTLY what you have coming to you when you attempt to defame and destroy someone with misleading click-bait like this. Shameful, dude.

  14. It's too bad the guy's business probably doesn't bring in enough money to sue for libel. Just chuck your consoles around and blame other people's products for it, guys! Expecting shit to be damaged when you slam dunk a 15 year old console on the ground is so passe.

  15. If you have trouble with red ring of death with xbox360 tey the slim my aunt had it for years and ive had it for a few now and no red ring o death

  16. I got really tired of children, adults, pets not paying attention and tripping on controller cords so whenever possible I buy wireless controllers. Yes they are more expensive and Yes it is less nostalgic to use one but it is always better than risking damage to your disk or your system.


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