What is with my PS2 RGB Cables!? (Bad shielding?)


I noticed some problems with my ps1/ps2 RGB SCART Cables from Retro_Console_Accessories that I bought for nearly $30 recently. I need some answers.

The “low quality” PS2 component encoder should ensure that the component cables are handily worse than SCART but not only are they BETTER but the SCART has some major shielding problems.

If anyone has any answers as to whether or not this is bad shielding, I’d really like to know. Thanks.



  1. To be honest it's probably just a shotty cable … I honestly can't vouch for that vendor but I've heard mixed reviews from that vendor. I personally I have SCART RGB CSYNC cables that I plug into my Framemeister from https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk using their SCART to JP-21 adaptor and this does not happen. I don't have Mega Man X4 for that console but nothing looks that sloppy across RGB for PS1/PS2 that I've played.

    If you guys have a Framemeister as well I'd test to see if this quality issue happens when using that cable into a different device.

  2. I wish I knew more about these kinds of things so I can offer some actual assistance. Only things I can think of are, well…either they're faulty cables or they're haunted by some malevolent spirit that wants to make you guys suffer…or in the case of Megaman X8, prevent you from suffering? I dunno. Either way, I hope you get a proper, helpful answer from someone soon.

  3. It's kind of wired that the cables were doing that. Most likely the shielding is gone, or the cables are bad. Honestly different results happen to different people. Sorry I can't be of more help, I only know how to put cable ends on the cable, and I doubt that the connectors are the problem though weirder things have happened


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