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Today we’re reviewing a controller? The GameCube Controller!

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  1. The Gamecube controller is an abomination. Shooters felt awful with the c-stick, most fighting games felt awkward at best with the tiny d-pad and button placement.

  2. The GC controller is indeed very comfortable but not optimal for fighting games other than Smash and Soul Calibur 2 where precision is needed to perform special moves like in the Mortal Kombat games. The GC d-pad is horrible for these types of games.

  3. To be honest, Nintendo should just make a better version of the GC controller with digital shoulder buttons, another Z button, and a better D-Pad, and just rebrand the controller as a Smash Stick or something.

  4. I can't believe you didn't bring up the 8 directional grooves in the analogue and C-sticks and how they help improve controlling 2D games, or even in inputting "true" directions in 3D games…… Or about how the Analogue stick has those little ridges to keep your thumb from sliding off

  5. I really don't like the button layout, and triggers on the GC controller.
    on a cross shape design, all buttons are easily accessed from one another, and they're all close enough together for quick and precise motions. the triggers on the GC gamepad just feel wrong. as I hold the controller naturally, the tips of my fingers get pressed against edge the inner dip on each side. and the last knuckle on my fingers are holding it down, which is very uncomfortable. I'm also very glad that controllers instantly moved away from the tiny C-nub. that thing is so gripless that it's pretty much useless when you really count on it. there needs to be an official set of guidelines on what you can use in smash. As in, a more lenient one. Smash box? perfectly okay. Turbo buttons? No. Personally, I want to see a specialized controller with digital triggers that don't kill your fingers, a cross shape layout of the buttons, and four buttons instead of the c-stick. that would make smash so much easier to control. perhaps this legendary controller could come with software to translate button input, but that might add a bit of lag to it.

    the switch Pro controller seems the best way to go for now with smash, I'm loving using it with dolphin.

  6. other companies button layouts were in the shape of an "X" so nintendo goes ahead and makes theirs in the shape of a "Y" i love this company

  7. Imagine a GC controller with a proper right stick, 3DS D-pad, and Xbox triggers, but with the GC "click". Oh, and Select, Capture, and System Menu (Home, Xbox, PS) Buttons. Now cut out the center and make it into Joycons.
    Nintendo plz.

  8. to me the NGC controller was the WORST controller that Nintendo ever invented, it feels so loose and awkward to use

  9. This man's over here talking about how great the ergonomics on this thing are while the melee scenes trying to fix hand problems with the boXX, granted I still use one, but I think what made it stick was muscle memory over ergonomics. That's just my 2 cents though.

  10. Lmao, the way you do claw grip is so wrong. I mean, not completely wrong, but it looks like youve never played a video game in your life

  11. I feel like gamecube controllers are good for casual games, but when it comes to competitive games that require a lot of attention to each of their buttons, a dualshock would be better.

  12. You forgot to mention the build quality, considering the amount of stress it takes depending of games its durability is remarquable.

    It just need some tweaks and fixes in the D-pad C-stick , Z button to stand as the new king of controllers in 2017.

    Racing and simulators are still not its most suited type of games tho.

  13. Snes controller is the best for 2d games. gc controller is the best for 3D games (though it could use more buttons) . The switch pro is in the middle


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